Gita Series – 102: Bhagavad Gita Chapter -IX. Verses 11 – 14

The ignorant, though have assumed human forms, ignore Me, not knowing that I am the Great Lord of all the beings. These confused persons with vain hopes, futile actions and worthless knowledge have assumed demonical and false nature. But those who are pursuing spiritual path, knowing Me as the source of all beings and eternal, worship Me all the time with single minded devotion, always chanting My names and glories, working hard to attain Me with determined devotion and prostrate before Me, through meditation.”

Krishna does not consider those men who are not following spiritual path as human beings and calls them as demons. Seeking spiritual knowledge not only paves the way for liberation, but also makes the person highly successful. It is not that God makes him to succeed. It is because of his ability to concentrate and focus his mind he is able to perform better in his work environment as well. A sage always thinks that whatever he does is at the behest of the Lord. A mediocre person believes in the existence of the Lord and seeks His benediction before he begins a work. An ignorant man, afflicted by ego and selfishness does not even think about the Lord, loses his focus and ultimately end up in failures. An evil man never has concern for others and always indulges in evil thoughts and actions, finds no time to think about his Creator as a result of which, drowns himself in more pains and miseries without any chances for recovery. This is because, they are not even aware of the Lord. Krishna says such men are equivalent to demons, whose quality is always to inflict injuries on others. Such men could have attained many skills, but they are all considered as ineffectual. The basic knowledge in spirituality is faith. Because of lack of faith, their hopes do not fructify.

On the contrary, spiritually advanced persons have developed deep faith in the Lord. They understand and firmly believe that the Lord is present not only in them. but everywhere. During the initial stages of spiritual pursuits, they attempt to realize the Lord within and while making further spiritual progress, they realize His universal presence or His omnipresence. They have acquired Supreme knowledge and know that the Lord is eternal and is the source of all that exists in the universe. They always stand connected to the Lord, consciously all the time. They develop deep love for Him, which is also known as devotion. They do not approach Him for self betterment. They know that they would get all that is permitted by their karmas. For their own failures, they do not resort to blaming Him. In general, they do not fail, because they have the ability to concentrate. Irrespective of what is happening to them, they praise the Lord all the time. They always think about Him, focusing their mind only on the Lord. Even for a moment, they do not take their mind off from the Lord. They are in the stage of perpetual meditation, thereby establishing a two way communication between the Lord and themselves. The Lord takes them over for their further spiritual upliftment.

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