1. An initiated mantra is to be practiced regularly without break. A minimum of 20 minutes a day will be useful. In a situation where one does not find time to sit and chant the mantra, at least a few repetitions should be done without sitting for the japa.

2. It is better to practice japa twice a day, both in the morning and evening/night. Before going to sleep, one should compulsorily recite the mantra a few times, by lying on the bed.

3. Soon after initiation, mantra japa can be recited with lip movements, so that pronunciation mistakes can be avoided. After 10 days from the date of initiation, mantra should be chanted only mentally.

4. A japa mala can be used during the first month. After a month, japa mala can be dispensed with. Count the number of repetitions per minute. For example, if you can recite 10 japa mantras per minute, you can fix a time of 20 minutes for doing 200 repetitions. This can be noted down in a note book for reference for performing puraścaraṇa.

5. By getting initiated into japa mantra does not confer any benefits. Mere repetitions will not help. While doing japa, all other thoughts should be removed and entire focus should be only on the mantra and the Devata. One may or may not have material benefits which should not be the sole aim of any japa mantra.

6. By repeating japa mantra, siddhis cannot be attained. Japa mantra is meant to purify the mind and helps in further progress towards the path of Liberation.

7. Japa mantra alone will not help. It has to be practiced along with prāṇāyama and meditation. First, prāṇāyama is to be practiced at least for 10 minutes (prāṇāyama document is sent separately). Then japa mantra is to be practiced followed by meditation. One’s closeness to Devata is decided only on the basis of mantra japa cum meditation. Mantra has to enter into subconscious mind. Only then, the mantra will work.

8. Effect of mantra japa purely depends upon one’s karmic account and sincerity in practice. To feel the first effect of mantra japa, it may take six months or even more, depending upon one’s sincerity. There are instances when one begins to feel the effect of mantra japa as early as a month and similarly there are instances when one does not feel any effect of the mantra japa even after two or three years.

9. It is not necessary to take bath before doing mantra japa, as it is not related to the body, but to the mind. However, clean body helps to purify the mind.  It is advisable to keep the stomach half empty.

10. Since japa is to be followed with meditation, sitting posture should be with erect spine. One can also sit on a chair and do the japa.

11. Avoid using incense sticks and lamp in the place where one meditates.

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