The liberation can be attained by different means and kundalini arousal is one among them. Kundalini is always considered as feminine kinetic energy and posited in the centre of our body, the perineum. It is not necessary that one can attain liberation only by meditation be it kundalini meditation or any other form of meditation. The precondition for liberation is devotion. When your mind is well tuned towards God, without much effort you start realizing yourself which is another condition for final liberation. The important difference between kundalini meditation and other types of God realization is the union of Shakthi and Shiva in the former, which is not the case in the latter. You need to have the highest level of concentration in the case of kundalini meditation as you have to move your consciousness from one chakra to another. On the contrary, in other methods you need to have more knowledge and intellect.

In such cases dhyan slokas and mantras play an important role. You visualize the deity with the aid of dhyan verse and over a period of time you strongly establish your contact with the deity by infusing the potency of the mantras and making the deity very powerful. At one stage, this deity will help you whenever you need its help. A very personal and strong bondage is established between you and the deity. In the case of kundalini meditation, you have to arouse the kinetic energy at the perineum by certain bhandhas and mudras. Arousal of kundalini is also linked to your karmas. Unless you have a clean karmic account, irrespective of your efforts kundalini will not ascend. If you are able to unite the feminine kinetic kundalini energy with the masculine static Supreme Consciousness, you become a creator yourself. When kundalini ascends from one chakra to another, she confers super human powers or siddhis. These siddhis may be misused by a person with a bad karmic account. As God acts as per the law of karmas which is also called the law of the Lord, kundalini will not rise when there is a bad karmic account. After all kundalini is the Supreme Shakthi and She acts as per your karmas. Unless this kinetic energy unites with the static energy, the kinetic energy is known and recognized as a separate entity.

The kinetic energy as an individual entity is extraordinarily powerful and could cause extensive damage, both within you and outside. But when the kinetic energy unites with the static energy, the potency of the kinetic energy comes down drastically, as after the union, it cannot function independently and controlled by the static energy. Shakthi comes under the control of Her own Creator. There are two stages to this union. One is gross and another is subtle and the former leading to the latter. Gross union is the merger of two forms viz. Shakthi and Shiva that is visualised. This described in detail in Lalitha Sahasranamam 98 In the subtle form of union, the active and dormant principles of consciousness that are represented by Shakthi and Shiva merge to form the Supreme consciousness. There is no visualization here and thus the union is complete and total. There is nothing beyond this. If you are able to reach this stage, there is no more birth for you as you stand liberated.

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