This is part XXVII of kundalini series. When kundalini reaches Sahasrara, the result is bliss. You are going to be liberated. You will be in a state of ecstasy. Your jiva which we call as soul is also carried with kundalini to sahasrara. We have earlier seen that soul is placed in the heart chakra. The force of kundalini takes your soul along with it to sahasrara. In sahasrara your jivatma merges with paramatma. Your soul merges with the Brahman. Initially, your jiva is able to see the Brahman. But it takes time for your jiva to understand and realise the Brahman. The jiva, your own self where your karmic account is embedded is about to merge with the Brahman. Your karmas either good or bad will get nullified once your soul merges with the Brahman. If this happens, you are no more controlled by your karmas. You will be controlled by the will of the Divine.

As you have been already purified by the five elements in the five lower chakras and your ego has been dissolved in ajna chakra, your soul is so pure and perfect now; it qualifies for its union with the Brahman, the Supreme, the God, the paramatman or whatever name you want to call the ultimate. When your soul or Self understands and realises the Supreme Brahman, it is called the self realization. This is called realization within. You are not to be born again. You are not going to have sufferings and miseries. You become calm and peaceful. You become secluded. Your mind is like crystal clear water. Your Ishta Devata is with you. Your Guru is by your side eternally. But remember that the path to self realization need not be the path of kundalini alone. There are other paths as well, about which we have already discussed. The path of kundalini though short, is full of risks. From this point onwards, the meditation should happen perpetually. You will be able to make the kundalini ascend and descend at your will and command.

The most important thing is that the kundalini cannot remain in sahasrara for ever. She has to descend and go back to her house. She may like to descend by herself. You have to make her descend. You have to use your consciousness to bring her down. Keeping your eye balls together and looking internally at your chakras and concentrating there will be of great help in bringing down the kundalini to the lower chakras. In the same way visualizing the kundalini going down along with your breath by concentrating on your spinal cord will also help. If you still feel that the kundalini has not fully descended, you can lie down flat on the floor without any head rest or pillows and concentrating on the base chakra which will certainly bring down the kundalini back to her house. Otherwise you need not use bhandhas and exercises. The one exercise you can use is to rotate your shoulders front-up-back and down. This will enable the kundalini to descend easily.

If you do not bring the kundalini back to the base chakra you will encounter all sorts of problems which we will discuss later in this series. You can also take your consciousness beyond sahasrara to explore the cosmos, but let us discuss about this on some other occasion. There are certain problems associated with kundalini and it is called kundalini syndrome. In most of us, the kundalini would have partially ascended to any of the lower chakras, the fact we may not be aware of. This type of ascending kundalini causes various ailments such as piles, heat related ailments. You will feel extreme heat in the perineum. There will be itching sensation in your spine area. Your pulse rate will go up rapidly. Any wrong medication will further worsen the problems. If the kundalini does not ascend through the central canal of the spinal cord and instead rises through the ida or pingala, you may possibly go insane. This is not to frighten you in anyway, but this is a word of caution.

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