Śri Chakra Navāvaraṇa Pūjā

Considerable time has been spent on various articles about worshipping Parāśakti. Elaborate interpretations on Lalitā Sahasranāma, Lalitā Triśatī and Soundarya laharī are already available in this site. Similarly powerful Śākta mantras such as Bālā, Pañchadaśī and Ṣhoḍaśī mantras have also been dealt with elaborately. On Kālī worship, kāmakalākālīkhaṇḍaḥ -- Trilokyamohanakavaca was also published. Several articles were published about Śri Chakra and Bhāvanopaniṣad. A major part of the articles belong to Śrī Vidyā cult. One more series is needed to complete the basic understanding of Śrī Vidyā and Śri Chakra, which is Śri Chakra Navāvaraṇa Pūjā. This is going to be dealt with in simplest possible terms to complete the entire ambit of Śrī Vidyā. This series is not based on any particular krama (procedural steps) or sampradāya (established doctrine). The idea of this series is only to explain in brief, general procedural aspects of Śri Chakra Navāvaraṇa Pūjā.

It is important for all Śrī Vidyā upāsaka-s to abide by his or her Guru. In any matter related to Śrī Vidyā worship, the dictums of Guru alone holds good, be it mantra or pūjā, etc. That is why, lineage or community (kula) is considered very important in Śrī Vidyā cult, as the method of worship differs from lineage to lineage and prescribed by sages and saints several thousand years ago.  

I will put in my best efforts and if any mistakes creep in either knowingly or unknowingly, please post the corrections in the comments column of the respective articles. This will help us to get the basic idea about Navāvaraṇa Pūjā without any errors. This series will be helpful only to beginners. This is going to be last series in this site. 

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