Sri Ashwathama Jayanti

Aśvatthāmā, the great warrior from Mahābhārata and the parameṣṭi guru (3 layers higher) of this Śrī Vidyā lineage. The word Aśvatthāmā, literally translates to the one, who has the strength of a horse. Legend goes that the baby born to sage Droṇa and Kṛpī, cried out with a horse like tone and hence was named as Aśvatthāmā. He is one of the seven ciranjīva-s (immortals). At the end of the Great War, Lord Kṛṣṇa calms down the great warrior and reminds him of the futility of war and revenge and his duties to scholarly pursuits. He admonishes him, to confine himself to loneliness and abandon worldly desires.

Spiritually, the desires and thoughts that spring up in our mind, are like unbridled horses. They never cease and continue to spring up in the wakeful state. The very strength of our desires, makes us pursue our goals and objectives. If these are turned inward and our goal is towards self-realization, then we gradually emerge in an awakened state following the path of Śrī Vidyā. At this stage, one realizes the futility of material cravings and begins to identify with the absolute reality. To the material world, he is a loner. Spiritually, the aspirant is one with the singular reality and becomes a ciranjīva, once liberation is attained.

More information on the revered sage Aśvatthāmā and his connection to the lineage is in this detailed and well-read article! The birthday of the revered sage is celebrated this year on Feb 12th. May his blessings be with us at all times!

oṃ parameṣṭi gurubhyo namaḥ

परमेष्टि गुरुभ्यो नमः

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