In the present day circumstances, all of us have to be active to make a living. Naturally we are too busy to concentrate seriously on anything else except making money and to relax. After a day’s hard work, we do not have time to think about spirituality. In the mornings, all of us are involved in our daily chores. Therefore it is natural that we do not have time to think about our creator. Some of us could be offering prayers to God without any concentration. Such prayers are done as a mundane ritual without any purpose. If we do not make money, we will be failing in our duty in maintaining our family. Making money in a right way is not a sin. As a matter of fact it will add to our good karmas. So what is the way out to commune with God amidst our busy lives? Please follow the following simple procedure to establish commune with God. Please do not say that you cannot spare at least five minutes daily to thank your creator. Please relax and sit erect with your head slightly tilted backwards. Sit on anything of your choice. Do not waste time in sitting postures or breathing. The only thing that is important is your erect spine and relaxation. Close your eyes and look within between your eye brows. Visualise your favourite God or Goddess in your pineal gland. Over a period of time you will be able to visualize the deity very clearly. Once you achieve this, start your commune with Him or Her. But necessarily you have to practice five minutes daily. Choose your own time, before food or after food, before bath or after bath, anytime. There is no rule for your timing. Your convenience is paramount. You will notice remarkable improvement in your personality and prosperity. If time permits practice this at least for a couple of minutes before retiring to bed and thank Him.