In OM meditation we have discussed about moving the energy. Now let us discuss how to move the energy. Let us begin with OM meditation. Stop chanting OM after a few rounds. Open your eyes. Keep your index finger at a distance of about 15” away from the middle of your eyebrows. You should be able to look at the tip of your index finger with both of your eyes comfortably. The tip of the finger should be in straight line from the middle of eye brows. Both your eye balls will move closer to each other to have a focused look at the tip of your finger. Visualize that your eyes pass on energy to the tip of the finger in the form of bright light. Visualize bright rays are flowing from your eyes to the tip of the finger. After you are able to visualize bright rays, take away your finger and keep your finger in the normal position. Now close your eyes lightly. Now visualize the same finger inside your head, a few inches away from the centre of eyebrows. Maintain the straight line. Instead of looking at the finger outside, now you are looking at the finger inside. You were seeing the finger physically outside and now you are not physically seeing the fingers, but visualizing it. In other words, you have to visualize moving the finger in a straight line from where it was there physically to a place inside your head.

Again visualize bright rays energizing the tip of your finger inside your head. In fact you will be able to see your finger inside for a few seconds. Use both the eye balls to focus on the visualized finger. You will feel the vibration inside your head. In this way you are activating your third eye or ajna chakra. You have to ensure that you do not use your balls continuously to focus on the finger both outside and inside. Do not apply pressure on the eye balls as this may cause damage to optic nerves. Do this meditation for about 10 minutes or as long as you feel comfortable. Once you finish the meditation, open your eyes relax for a few seconds. Then stand up, join both your palms as if you are saying a namaskar by keeping the palms opposite your throat. Now visulaise that all the energy you have accumulated during this meditation is passing on to the earth in the form bright rays. Drink a cup of water and get back to your normal work.

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