This is part XXIV of kundalini series. The next higher chakra to heart chakra is the ajna chakra or the third eye. This is situated in between our eyebrows and is the only chakra to be associated with satwa guna, the best of the three gunas. This is associated with mind and the activation of this chakra leads to effective mind control. The blue colour of the throat chakra merges into indigo colour of the ajna chakra. The indigo becomes brighter with practice. The other procedures remaining the same to move the kundalini, you can hold the kundalini in this chakra by biting your teeth, applying medium pressure. You have to bring your eye balls closer to each other and start looking internally into this chakra. When this chakra is associated with mind, naturally it gets associated with anthakkaranam. Anthakkaranam is the combination of manas (mind), buddhi (intellect), cittam (consciousness) and ahamkaram (ego). Activation of this chakra is a step closer to atman. Your mind is able to see the illumination of atman in this chakra.

A complete activation of this chakra confers on you certain powers (siddhis) that can be utilized for good causes. This chakra receives commands of your Guru. Ajna means command. The commands of your guru are being received through the medium of akash, to which this chakra is associated. The cosmic energy is the carrier of your guru’s command and this chakra works like an antenna receiving audio signals. Another importance of this chakra is the joining of the three nadis, ida, pingala and sushumna here. This chakra is also called kudastha (joining), which indicates the joining of the nadis. When this chakra is fully activated, your individual consciousness starts aligning with universal consciousness. Your karmic account is getting ready to be liquidated. The pineal and pituitary glands are activated by this chakra. Pineal gland is located deep inside the brain and gives inner spiritual vision. Otherwise dormant, pineal gland can be activated by light. This pineal gland is associated with hypothalamus gland. These two together control our ageing process. Once the third eye or ajna chakra is activated, the ageing process will slow down. Incidentally, the back head chakra will also be activated. Back head chakra is situated just behind the ajna chakra.

An activated pineal gland connects us to higher frequencies. The pineal gland secretes melanin. Normally this is secreted while we are resting and during deep meditation. During deep meditation, divine energy enters through sahasrara and reaches the pineal gland. Astral body can be separated from the physical body, if the pineal gland is well activated. This is the basis of astral travel undertaken by saints. If kundalini does not ascend through the ajna and ascends through ida or pingala, you will face nervous breakdown when kundalini reaches this chakra. This chakra gives you access to the universal energy. You are now able to witness some metaphysical activities. At some stage this chakra takes over your spiritualism and guides you further. You will be guided by highly learned gurus, most of whom you would not have met and they establish connection with you through this chakra. Others begin to recognize you with respect and regard. Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that if a person at the time of his death keeps his consciousness in this chakra, shall not have rebirths, thereby merging with Him. This is the last of the six chakras and beyond this there are no major chakras. Starting from muladhara till vishudi, each chakra is associated with an element. But this chakra is beyond the five basic elements.