The concept of kundalini is extremely complicated. Understanding the concept itself needs a lot of patience and dedication. A considerable time need to be spent on practice. No amount of explanation is good enough to understand the concept. The experience of kundalini may not be the same between two persons. This is basically because of the level of energy is not the same in everybody. The energy level of a person depends on various factors such as food, exercise, meditation, thoughts, habits etc. One needs to have many positive qualities, a flexible body, self control, etc. All these will produce positive energies in our body. These are some of the minimum requirements, even to have a look at the word kundalini. Kundalini energy if properly aroused becomes kinetic and explodes like a thunder accompanied with lightning. It is always advisable to practice it in the presence of a learned Guru. Practicing on your own will lead to serious nervous and mental complications.

Therefore you are sincerely advised not to try on your own any of the procedures described herein. We will discuss about kundalini through a series of articles commencing from this posting. Kundalini is the energy generated when individual consciousness merges with universal consciousness. Normally the kundalini lies at the base of our spine. To be precise, it lies in the centre place between the organs of excretion and procreation. In our discussion we will call this place as the house of kundalini. In any individual the body temperature is maintained due to the activities that take place in and around this place. The door of the house of kundalini is to be knocked repeatedly to wake her up. Kundalini is considered as shakthi, the feminine form of vimarsha. In her desire to conjoin with Shiva, the prakasha form, she has to traverse through a path. As she is the supreme form of action, she traverses the path with a roaring sound. You can visulaise a racing car crossing a point with a thundering sound. If a human made and human run car can produce such a speed and sound, it is left to your imagination to visulaise the power of kundalini.

Kundalini is the kinetic energy and generally dormant in her house. When she is in her dormant form she is in the form of dormant energy and when she is awakened she transforms into kinetic energy and then into dynamic energy. She rises only if she gets her kinetic form. While ascending she faces certain blocks that are not so easy for her to penetrate. Secondly, she will not traverse through a path full of dirt. She has got a liking only for clean and serene environment. Normally, efforts are taken by individual consciousness to clean her path of travel. When she ascends, she is the master and all activities of individual consciousness come under her control. Kundalini can be awakened only if your law of karma permits. Kundalini energy is manifested and does not exist in reality. Manifestation of kundalini can take place only through a properly trained mind and intellect. Concentration of mind is the basic criteria in kundalini meditation. If concentration of the highest order is not developed, enjoying the bliss of kundalini is a distant dream. Kundalini is the combination of psychological and physiological activities. It is a short cut to divinity.