We have at length discussed on kundalini meditation. Kundalini meditation is one of the paths, probably the quickest path to self realisation. Whatever be the path we choose, it has to be through any one of the methods like meditation, devotion, visiting places of worship, performing daily rituals including fire rituals (called homa or havana).The basic requirement is unstinted faith, dedication and will power. A little bit of self-sacrifice, concern for other living beings and desire for peaceful co-existence, controlling anger are some of the issues to be addressed when we take up discussions on self realisation. In kundalini meditation a clear cut procedure is more or less laid down to achieve progress. Though the progress is certainly achieved but not to the desired level. The main reason for very low success rate is lack of practice, refusal of the body to co-operate and discipline.

A majority of the practitioners, achieve somewhere between 40 to 60% success rate. If you are not able to concentrate on kundalini meditation due to want of time or any other issues, you can still achieve a high degree of self realisation by other methods. It is like a mode of transport, which could be by air or rail or road. Your destination remains the same, but the time taken to reach the destination is different. Your mode of transport depends on your capacity to spend. In the path of self realisation reaching your destination purely depends upon your willingness to address the basic issues mentioned above. We are about to commence our discussions on self realisation. But this is not going to be a continuous series like kundalini as a lot of citations from Vedas, Upanishads, scriptures, etc are needed. As for as kundalini meditation is concerned not many texts are available explaining the practice. Either the ancient saints did not want people like you and me to undertake this very strenuous path or did not want to divulge too much for the reasons best known to them. I believe that their main concern would have been its possible misuse as, somebody becoming proficient in kundalini, may also use it for destructive purposes.

Kundalini is such a powerful tool. What is being taught in majority of the yoga centers as kundalini meditation is not kundalini meditation at all. We unfortunately forget that there are other methods that are relatively easier than kundalini meditation to realise the Atman or Brahman or the God. The procedures and practices to be adopted in these cases are not stringent, at the same time the end result is the same. I would certainly endorse kundalini meditation, but considering today’s scenario the other methods that we are going to discuss would be safe and ideal. Only thing that is required is patience. Both in kundalini and non-kundalini methods, the exact realisation will take place at anytime like a flash of light, in a split second. From that moment onwards you will be a different person altogether.