I am not what I appear to be. My true nature is Saccidānanda. We attribute all actions that take place in the world, to sun. Similarly, Brahman within me is the reason for causing all my actions, though He Himself does not act and remains only a witness (because of sun, all actions happen; but sun does not act directly; it remains only as a witness to all actions). Fire and its heat are inseparable. Similarly, Brahman and I are inseparable. I am That. When I look into the mirror, the mirror image is only mine and mirror cannot show a different image than mine. Similarly, He shines in my buddhi, without duality.  I am That Brahman. When there is no mirror, I alone exist and when my buddhi (along with mind and ego) is dissolved, I shine. I am That Brahman. He is the cause for my mind, intellect and ego (antaḥkaraṇa) and my external organs such as organs of perception and action, but He does not partake in any of their actions. He remains only as a witness. I am That Brahman. Sun light reflects in different pots of various sizes and shapes.

But the sun that is reflected in different pots is the same and similarly, what exists in me also exists in everyone/everything. (Brahman appears in different shapes and forms and both sentient and insentient, but He is always the same and does not change according to shapes and forms). Brahman, though appears in different shapes and forms, He always remains all alone. I am That Brahman. He is Truth and Eternal. Because of my afflicted buddhi, I see the objective world in different shapes and forms. When my buddhi is dissolved (along with mind and ego), I see only Brahman everywhere (omnipresence of Brahman). I am That Brahman who is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. All these days, my buddhi was afflicted by ajñāna (spiritual ignorance – considering Brahman in higher pedestal) and saṁsāra (transmigration). Now I understand that I am not different from Brahman. I remain always as Brahman and I am Brahman, I am That now.