The following thought provoking question was received recently. This is a very interesting question and needs an elaborate clarification. This will be taken up for discussion shortly under the title “Karma and Soul”.


"Is karma accumulating from our past births and present birth? Does it mean that if our karma is good, we tend to be good and if our karmic account is bad, we also tend to be bad? Do our pleasure and pain depend upon the karmas accumulated over the previous births? God has made every human and every human has good and bad in him. Is it right to say that if our karmas are good we would be good and if our karmas are bad we would be bad? Is our past karma reflected in today’s life? If we are seen as good by others is it due to God and the deeds that we do are due to Him? What I don't understand is that if everything is done by God, where is the question of "I”? When there is nothing called as “I” and when for every action and reaction God is acting through us, then where does "I" or “me" come into picture? Where is the question of “I" or “my" karma, with actions and reactions through me, when I don’t see any specific karma that is done by me without Him? When God only does everything, then where is the question of my karma, my actions or deeds either good or bad?

There is nothing called "I", "ME", "MYSELF". It is something like directing a film where something good and bad have to be there as everything is relative. So, in the same way in this world every human can't be created uniformly both mentally and physically. So GOD creates people with different features and He makes things happen. Everything is predetermined, whether it is Loving GOD or Hating GOD and there is nothing called as "My" karma. GOD acts and reacts through us as part of His scripts and the script would never change. If everyone wants to be a leader, then who would be the follower and if everyone wants to be a hero, who would be a villain? One can’t be a hero without a villain, so God created every one for some purpose.

So whether it is KARMA accumulation or our good and bad deeds, well, everything is GOD, right? If whatever I have written above is correct, then there is no use of thinking that tomorrow would be good or bad and no use of praying for our fate. As God is doing everything within everyone, no one can change our fate. If we think that someone can change our fate by talking to God, it is just maya, a coincidence. So there is nothing "I" "my" Karma, as GOD only does that being inside us, right?"