We have been discussing about positive and negative thoughts. Positive thoughts create positive vibrations and positive results and negative thoughts create negative vibrations and negative results. You can do this simple experiment to find out how powerful your thoughts are. Take a pendulum. If you do not have one, make a pendulum using a small piece of metal tied to a thread. The length of the thread should be around one foot. Once the pendulum is ready, hold it between your palms for a minute or two. Hold one end of the thread in your right hand, open the palm of your left hand and hold the pendulum a couple of inches above your left palm. Now think that pendulum should rotate clock wise above your left hand. Allow a few seconds. It will rotate clock wise above your left hand. After observing it for some time, think that the pendulum should rotate anti-clock wise. Allow some time. Gradually the pendulum will stop its clock wise movement and start its anti-clock wise movement. This is the power of our thoughts. Thoughts can be used both for creative and destructive purposes. If our thoughts are towards God, we realize God.