Anger is your worst enemy. When you are in a fit of anger, you loose your capacity to think. Your mind refuses to act. You loose your mental balance. Functions of your sense organs go wayward. Your mind and thought refuse work in co-ordination. Your speech is not guided and controlled. Words are not checked, a state called outburst. You become a bundle of bad deeds. Here comes your worst enemy who is called anger. Let us analyze why we get anger. In the first place, we should have a reason to become angry. There are two root causes for anger. One is our ego and the second is our desire. Ego is prestige in disguise. Assume that you are driving a vehicle. Somebody abuses you for your way of driving. He looses his temper and uses all cheap words.

When you are too good, you tolerate to the maximum. When the other person crosses his limits, you also loose your cool. You become angry. Let us not get into the details of the other person. In your case, when you become angry, you are not in control of your words. Your body starts trembling. You loose your concentration. You will reach a stage where you can’t drive with concentration. Possibly you could be driving for a business meet. Either you may reach the venue late or you could loose your focus on the agenda of the meeting. You may forget important points or you may not be able to drive home your points with authority during the meeting. Possibly you may be a looser in the business meet. There may be many repercussions, but we have just analyzed a few. All this happens because your ego or ‘I’ consciousness gets affected. You feel that your prestige gets affected. Let us take the case of desire. Your friends are from high society. All of them have high end mobile phones.

You get a desire to change your existing mobile phone to a better model. In the first place you fail to reason out for changing your existing phone. Secondly, you do not think about your financial implications. All your friends are well placed and have enough liquidity. But you have to swipe your card for the purchase. By ignoring all these facts, you go to a shop, finalize an instrument on par with your friends. Your card is not accepted as you do not have sufficient credit limit. You speak to the customer service and they are not helpful. You get angry! Your desire is not fulfilled. You go home and express your anger to your wife and children and even to your elderly parents. The whole house looses its happiness. Everyone was awaiting your arrival, as you are always an affectionate father, husband and son. You are jovial in nature. But today you are angry. Anger leads to dejection and depression. We have seen two instances. In the first instance, you are not the reason for your anger, but you are responsible for your anger. Had you not lost your self control, everything would have sailed smoothly. You could not have lost that business. You could have held to your nerves for a couple of more minutes.

By that time the other person could have left the scene, knowing well that you will not respond to his provocation. But unfortunately you gave importance to your ego and your ego in turn induced your mind and lost your temperament. You were pondering over this incident for the whole day and ultimately you lost an excellent day. In the second instance, you are responsible for your anger. It is your desire that caused your anger. Had you analyzed about the requirement of a new mobile phone, you could have come to a better solution. Even, if you had taken more time to think about this, you could have made some arrangements for the required money. Instead you made an instant decision. This made the atmosphere at home uncongenial. How much your aged parents would have felt on that day? How much your children would have missed you? Therefore anger is called as your worst enemy. Anger can be easily avoided. Two basic things required to keep anger at bay are 1.Patience and tolerance and 2. Avoiding desires and good planning.