Brahman is aeonian, without any type of impurity and absolutely free from any types of afflictions. It is One and unique, indivisible and devoid of all dyads. It is always Truth, Knowledge and Eternity, all the three simultaneously and forever. For example, let us take a rose. Rose is pink now and after sometime, it loses its original colour and later on becomes black and decomposes. But Brahman is not like this. It is always satyam-jñānaṁ-anantam and always in the state of Bliss. Those who live in the material world can never exist in the state of bliss always. We are afflicted by various distractions of the material world, which is nothing but the influence of māyā. (36)

In the path of realizing the Self, we have to repeatedly affirm “I am Brahman”, with absolute faith and with a clean mind. This alone is known as sādhana. Sādhana is not something that can be practiced for some time and rest of the time, mingling with the afflictions of the material world. Only continuous practice or sādhana will lead to liberation. Such sādhana is like medicine curing illness. (This stage can be reached over a period of time. It begins with ritualistic worship, then proceeding to mantra japa and ending with meditation. It is not the number of repetitions of a mantra that matters. How far, we are able to connect with the concerned deity is important. Though this is duality, it helps in developing concentration. Repeating a mantra for the sake of repeating will not serve any purpose and will never lead us to Liberation. This is further explained in the next verse.) (37)

Such sādhana can be practiced in an isolated place. Isolated place is prescribed because, one has to be free from the influences of the material world, which will affect the mind. All the sensory organs should be closed and one has to sit for quality meditation, without contemplating on any form. If we meditate on a form, it will not lead us to Liberation whereas Brahman is formless and if we meditate on this formless Brahman, Liberation is possible. Kṛṣṇa says in Bhagavad Gītā, “Such a man further gets refined and totally purified to become one with the Brahman. Ultimately, his soul gets merged with its Creator. He does not meditate, he does not perform rituals, and he does nothing except unifying his consciousness with the Brahman forever. He uses his sensory organs sparingly, which makes his mind pure and tranquil. In such an un-invaded mental condition, he is able to meditate, to establish an eternal link with the Brahman. Meditation will not be resolute, if the mind continues to stay with senses. He knows the value of eternal bliss which ultimately leads him to merge with the Brahman.” First one has to learn the path to Liberation from a Guru and then resort to tapas in an isolated place, without any mantra, contemplation, etc. (38)

Why one should need a Guru? Only a Guru can reveal true knowledge and perfect path to Liberation. A true Guru will take us through different stages like mantra japa, meditation and realization. He will make us to do our meditation properly and will be with us guiding us all the time. He will lead us to Brahman and make ourselves also Brahman. Meditation cannot be mundane and pragmatic. Hence, lot of importance is given to knowledge in spiritual path. Only, the ultimate knowledge coupled with quality meditation, as described in the previous verse can lead us to Liberation. Brahman is compared to the sky that has no clouds. All we see is only the clear sky and similarly, Brahman is absolutely pure without any afflictions. That is why, Brahman is always referred as Pure Consciousness. (39)

Spiritual illumination occurs only when one is able to feel the pure awareness of stillness and vastness of the Supreme Silence. During the period of silence, one’s perception gets transformed and his mind gets cleansed and he becomes gradually aware of the inner transformation that unfolds intimately and empathetically. It is said that “all final spiritual reference is to the silence beyond sound...It can be spoken of as the great silence, or as the void, or as the transcendent absolute.” The inner silence automatically happens during intent meditation. During the inner silence, the aspirant finds his mind and body wiped out of existence and he becomes awakened. An awakened person always remains beyond all shapes and forms and continues to remain in perpetual Bliss, which is the nature of Brahman. (40)

What is the significance of remaining in perpetual Bliss? While remaining in perpetual Bliss, he does not differentiate between the knower, the known and the path of knowing. Result of quality meditation leads to samādhi (completion, accomplishment and conclusion), the end of spiritual path. Again there are various types of samādhis. Realization happens only in nirvikalpa samādhi (This stage of samādhi is beyond any reasonable explanation, merely because it can only be experienced and cannot be described properly). Only in nirvikalpa samādhi, one realizes Brahman.  (41)

Why samādhi is important in spiritual path? It is the final stage of one’s spiritual path. Secondly, it also burns the remnants of spiritual ignorance, leading to enlightenment. Kṛṣṇa says in Bhagavad Gītā, ““The one whose acts are devoid of desires and determinations and whose entire karmas are burnt in the fire of supreme knowledge, that great man is declared as a learned man even by the wise. The one, who has no interest in karmas and its fruits, devoid of worldly attachments and always remains satisfied in Paramātman, does not get himself involved in any actions, though he sincerely discharges his duties. The one, winning over his body comprising of mind and senses, by detaching himself from sensory objects and functions, merely to nourish his body is not affected by sins.” (42)

Brahman reveals Itself after destruction of spiritual ignorance. It is like sun reveals itself after destruction of darkness. Spiritual ignorance is always called as darkness. Brahman is eternally Pure and even a trace of impurity will not reveal Brahman. When māyā is removed, Brahman reveals Itself. Knowledge sheathed by ignorance victimizes men with delusion. Those who set aside this ignorance, by acquiring true knowledge that shines like the sun, Brahman reveals itself to them.  Those whose mind and intellect are totally absorbed in the Brahman and perpetually remain united with It, become one with It. (43)

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