Bhagavān Dattātreya continues:

Brahman does not represent Vedas (including Upaniṣad-s), It does not have any form or shape (referring to different types of gods and goddesses). It cannot be attained through varṇāśrama or other rituals. Brahman is always the same and free of both non-dualities and dualities (this means that Brahman is beyond any explanation. Few meditators see some visions of gods and goddesses or some light; all of these are illusory in nature, as Brahman is devoid of any shape or form. Kaṭha Upaniṣad says, “The Self is hidden in all beings and not noticed. Only highly evolved yogis can realize It). Cosmic Self and the individual Self are one and the same. They are not different. When they are one, where is the question of duality? What is the purpose of meditation then? (In meditation, there is meditator, object of meditation and the process of meditation, hence there is duality). All the objects in this world are perishable and what remains is only Brahman. Your body may cease to exist one day and the Self within you will never die, as It is eternal. None of the materialistic things such as food I eat, whatever I offer to others, etc. do not belong to me, as I am immutable (I am Brahman). You must understand that the universe has no form; it is nothing but manifestation of Brahman. This universe is Pure and full of Bliss (universe is not different from Brahman, hence universe is said to be Pure and Blissful).

First, shed your inherent doubt whether you have realized the Brahman or not. This doubt is totally unwarranted as everything is Brahman Itself. All you have shed is your innate ignorance (spiritual darkness) of considering Brahman as separate from you and the universe. Why you have to shed your spiritual ignorance because, Brahman is Pure. How can light and darkness prevail in the same place? Similarly how can impurity (spiritual ignorance) and purity (Brahman) remain at the same time? I strongly believe that I have no beginning and no end. I have no limitation of time and space. I do not worry about anything, including my mind and intellect nor do I worry about the universe (because, everything is Brahman and there is no need to worry about one’s antaḥkaraṇa, as everything is Brahman). Brahman is beyond gender classifications, omnipresent, etc. When you understand this reality, why do you want to know whether you have understood this Truth or not (understanding Truth means realizing omnipresent Brahman). You need not think whether Brahman is Blissful or not, as there is nothing except Brahman. (Upaniṣad-s say that Brahman is Blissful). You cannot do anything to purify the Self (Brahman) within you, as It is the only thing, which is eternally Pure. You cannot purify It with yoga nor your Guru can purify It for you. (Guru can only guide his student to purify and control his mind; there is no need for Guru to purify the Self within, as Self is always Pure without even a trace of blemish).

You are Brahman when you are active, dreaming or sleeping. All you have to understand is that Brahman is active, dreaming or sleeping. That is why, It is called omnipresent. Even in Turya state, Brahman alone prevails. In all the five stages of consciousness, only Brahman prevails, as there is nothing except Brahman. I am Brahman always and hence, I am not the doer. I do not differentiate between Puruṣa and Prakṛti (Sāṁkhya Philosophy), as everything is Brahman. Since you are Brahman, your body does not matter anything to you. Don’t think you are bound with your body, which is perishable. The Self within you is always present and hence you are never inferior or superior. If you think that you are either inferior or superior, then it means that you are deluded. Inferior and superior are only misconception of the mind (It is already discussed that mind itself is a non-existent). I never had any Guru to teach me all these. But, I know that I am pure and devoid of all perishable things like body and mind. I know I am Brahman; I am imperishable. I am never born nor I will die and I do no actions, either good or bad (there is nothing called good or bad for me). I know that I am always Pure and inert. Hence, I do not see anything as everything is void, both internally and externally (my body). As I am Brahman, I am not affected by the play of māyā, which projects duality. Understanding the effects of māyā, I negate all objects (neti, neti – not this, not this) as I know that Nirguṇa Brahman pervades everywhere. There is no need for you to identify yourself with a relationship (father, mother, etc) as this is related to your physical body, which is of no consequence. I am not affected by any sensory afflictions. All I know is that I am That Brahman.

There is no need for all these sayings, as ultimately only Brahman is the sole reality. A yogi, who has truly understood these facts may die in any place, however dirty or impure it may be. The moment his body falls, he becomes one with That Brahman. Such yogis do not perform any actions now, nor they acted in the past nor will they act in the future. They live in no-mind stage. Such a yogi, living in an isolated place enjoys the Bliss of Brahman (there is no difference between Brahman and Bliss) and stays connected with the Self within, all the time. Understand that mere repetitions of mantras, or rendering of Vedas, etc. do not transform you. He reached the state of Yogi and then the state of Avadhūta through serious meditations. There is no point in reading Scriptures or Purāṇa-s. Understand that Brahman is pervading everywhere and there is nothing called good or bad; truth or false. Brahman is non-dual and there is no this and that in It. This is my experience, which I have shared with you.

First chapter of Avadhūta Gītā containing 76 verses is concluded. Totally, there are eight chapters.