Gita Series – 99: Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX. Verses 1– 3:

Chapter IX of Bhagavad Gita is known as “Yoga of Sovereign Science and Sovereign Secret”. This chapter has 34 verses and considered as very significant.

Arjuna, as you are devoid of quibble, I shall now disclose to you the secret knowledge of both nirguna and saguna Brahman, by knowing of which, you shall be freed from all worldly miseries. The knowledge of both nirguna and saguna Brahman is a royal science and royal secret, the holiest, most excellent, directly enjoyable, virtuous, easy to practice and imperishable. Those who do not have faith in this dharma do not attain me, causing further transmigrations.”

Arjuna is a good student of Krishna. He does not pose irrelevant questions to Krishna, thereby wasting the precious time of both the master and the student. The significance of pursuing spirituality with strong foundation is indicated here. Faith is one of the foundational aspects of spirituality. Faith leads to determination, will power, steadfastness, etc. Since Arjuna has immense faith in his Master, Krishna is willing to declare to Arjuna the royal secret about the Brahman without attributes or nirguna Brahman and Brahman with attributes or saguna Brahman. If one is able to understand the mysteries of the spiritual path, the spiritual goal can be easily attained. There is no point in traversing a path, without knowing its destination. Unless one has complete knowledge about the path he is traversing, he cannot reach the destination with ease. Krishna highlights this point here. He says that knowing the proper spiritual path and pursuing it properly will free a person from worldly miseries. Worldly miseries do not end up in this birth alone, but also rears its head in every subsequent birth. The only solution to this is liberation.

Krishna says spiritual experience is enjoyable, as the aspirant enters blissful state when he makes substantial spiritual advancement. Bliss unfolds when the aspirant begins to develop the direct experience with the Lord. Spirituality has both theoretical and practical aspects as a result of which one first gains knowledge. As a result of acquiring knowledge, the aspirant begins to feel the experience with the Lord. The spiritual knowledge or the knowledge of Self realization is not like worldly knowledge that is subjected to modifications. The spiritual knowledge alone helps an aspirant to avoid transmigrations. That is why Krishna says that such knowledge alone is the holiest as it leads to liberation. For the same reason, He calls it as sacred, virtuous and permanent. Having elucidated the importance of divine knowledge, Krishna also says that it is easy to practice. Spiritual knowledge alone is permanent as it alone leads to liberation.

From the next verse onwards, Krishna is going to explain the intricacies of the highly revered spiritual knowledge.

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