Gita Series – 73: Bhagavad Gita Chapter -VI. Verses 20 – 23

The mind that is purified by practicing yoga becomes devoid of thought processes and rejoices in the bliss of the Lord. This bliss is realized through his intellect. He is not affected by sensory perceptions, as a result of which he continues to remain the state of bliss. He decides that there is nothing superior to remaining in God consciousness. He is not even affected by the worst of his miseries. This state that is free from the pains of transmigrations is known as yoga and should be practiced with resolute mind.”

Yoga means union. The union of self, the empirical soul and Self, the Lord is called yoga. In yoga, the union of self and the Self takes place. The yoga that is discussed here is nothing to do with yogic exercises. Throughout Bhagavad Gita, yoga means the union of Self and self that takes place in the mind. Mind does not have the capacity to act on its own. It receives necessary inputs from sensory organs. The quality of the mind undergoes significant changes, depending upon one’s perceptions. If the mind is bombarded with evil thoughts, one is induced to indulge in unethical activities. On the other hand, if the mind is barraged with good thoughts, it becomes sanctified. Mind cannot be purified on its own. The purification process happens based on the types of influence that the mind receives from sensory organs. This does not mean that one should not use his sensory organs that are essential to have a decent living. By an effective thought process, sensory influences can be filtered and refined. If the mind becomes devoid of evil influences, over a period of time, the mind becomes adept to virtuous thoughts and chooses to reject any evil influences, thereby making him to perform only virtuous acts.

A purified mind is the place where one’s consciousness is consecrated, where the Lord is realised. The realization of the Lord becomes visible to the yogi. He always exists in the state of absolute happiness and joy. This happens not only because of his mental purity, but also of the fact that he has now understood the Reality. Reality is nothing but the universal consciousness. This is a byproduct of his intellect that understands the omnipresent nature of the Lord and now his mind affirms that there is nothing superior to God consciousness. The mind is able to affirm now, as the mind experiences the bliss, a natural process that happens when the mind becomes devoid of addictive sensory influences. For him, nothing else is important than staying with the Lord in the domain of his mind. The worst of his miseries and pains do not affect him at all.

Sage Patanjali, in his yoga sutras talk about this state. He says that one can avoid unmanifested miseries if the union of Self and self takes place (II.16). Ignorance is the foundational cause for not availing the opportunity made available to the mankind by the ever compassionate God. If one is able perfect himself by practicing this spiritual union, first he gets enlightened and finally gets liberated, not to be born again.

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