Gita Series – 80: Bhagavad Gita Chapter -VI. Verses 40 – 43

Krishna clarifies Arjuna’s doubts. “Arjuna! There is no destruction for him either in this world or beyond, because the one who strives for God realization never ends up in evil predicament. Though he has fallen from yoga, he reaches higher worlds that are meant only for virtuous souls and stay there for a long time and reborn in earth, in a family full of virtues and wealth. Or he may even be born in a family of yogis. But, such births are very rare to attain. Having born there, he strives much harder for God realization, resuming from the point, where he had left in his previous birth.”

Beginning from verse 41, till the end of this Bhagavad gita chapter (verse 47), Krishna unravels the mystery of rebirths. There are many spiritual aspirants, who have commenced their spiritual journey with all sincerity and dedication, but could not attain enlightenment. This could be due to various reasons. Possible causes are lack of adequate will power, lack of determination, lack of adequate knowledge, unaware of proper procedures, etc. He has in his mind decided to realize the Brahman and he has also begun his spiritual journey. But, due to the reasons beyond his control, he could not reach the logical end of his spiritual journey. Now, the question arises whether the solid time spent by this aspirant would go waste. This doubt arises because he has neither followed karma yoga, nor attained enlightenment. Karma yoga and Jnana yoga are two different paths to the same destination. Krishna gives equal importance to both. This aspirant has neither traversed the path of action nor traversed the path of knowledge and hence could not reach the destination. He is struck somewhere in the middle. Is there any salvation for this aspirant is the doubt that Arjuna has.

Krishna says that this aspirant after his death reaches higher worlds, where he is rested for a considerable length of time. In the world that his soul reaches is full of virtuous souls. There is no mechanism exists in that world to energize or purify the soul. The soul simply remains there without any dynamic mechanism. This long stay is the preliminary reward that the Lord gives to the soul for having initiated steps to realise Him. During his stay in the higher worlds, the soul is freed from the pains of transmigrations.

As soon as the resting period is over, the soul is born again in the earth and its spiritual journey recommences from the point where it had left during its last birth. He is made to be born in a wealthy family that beholds virtues. If he has achieved considerable spiritual progression in his previous birth, he is made to be born in a family of yogis. The Lord makes his environment very conducive in this birth, for him to attain final liberation. The aspirant need not begin all over again. This is the biggest advantage of pursuing the spiritual path. One starts from the point where he had reached in his previous incarnation. Krishna says that such an aspirant never undergoes pains or miseries in his subsequent births. This is because of the fact that he has already initiated steps to realise the Lord. Even an attempt to realise the Lord can give such wonderful results, one can imagine the level of one’s mental state, when he is about to realize Him. Krishna also says that such births are extremely rare to find. He makes this remark expressing His concern for humanity. Though He is ever ready to offer liberation, many are not willing to take up His offer. They are continued to be lured by the senses and consequently affected by desires, attachments and ego.

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