Gita Series – 110: Bhagavad Gita Chapter X. Verse 1 – 5

The tenth chapter of Bhagavad Gita is named as Vibhūti Yoga, the divine glory of the Lord. This chapter has 42 verses.

Arjuna, listen to Me carefully once again. I am your well wisher, as you always listen to Me keenly. Neither celestial beings nor sages are aware of my origin, as I am the source of their origin. Among the men, he who knows Me as the unborn, beginningless and the Supreme Lord of the universe is devoid of delusion amongst mortals and is liberated from all his sins. Reasoning, intellect, lack of delusion, forgiveness, truth, self restraint, calmness, happiness and sorrow, birth and death, fear and courage, non violence, equanimity, tranquillity, penance, charity, fame, dishonour – all these diverse qualities of beings originate from Me.”

Arjuna is a devout pupil of Krishna. The whole of Bhagavad Gita is told to Arjuna by the Lord Himself explaining in detail every aspect of Self-realization. The love between Krishna and Arjuna was always mutual. The relationship between the two is consolidated, beginning from guru-disciple relationship and blossoming into unstinted love between them. The Lord is always looking for such a friendly relationship. Lord is not a frightening personality. He is always compassionate. He does not want His devotees to maintain distance from Him. But, due to ignorance, many prefer to keep distance from Him. Because Arjuna has developed such a close relationship with the Lord, He says that He is interested in Arjuna’s welfare and recapitulates His earlier sermons.

{I had a spiritual Guru, who reached His lotus feet couple of years back. I had the privilege of being with him all alone for about two hours daily for a period of six months. During these two hours, he used to explain about the Brahman and the path to realise Him. Even at the ripe age of 100, he could recollect where he stopped the previous day. After this period of six months and after a gap of another month, he summarised his six month sermons in fifteen days time. He did not remain in his body for long after this.}

The Brahman is the origin of everything and His own origin is beyond any stretch of comprehension. That is why the Lord is always described as beginningless. His origin is not known even to gods, sages and saints. In accordance with the theory of creation, they have also originated from the Lord. Those who are born in the universe are bound by the law of karma. Law of karma is applicable only to those who are born with ego, the human beings. When one’s karmic account is getting nullified, he pursues the right spiritual path and comes to understand the Lord in His true form. The first step towards realisation is getting past māyā. Māyā is also a part of the Lord that prevents an aspirant to understand the real nature of the Lord. It can also be said that māyā is the tool in the hands of the Lord to evaluate a soul. By will power and perseverance, if one is able to transcend māyā, there is nothing much left for him to realise the Brahman. The Lord now moves forward towards the aspirant to purge all his sins. Unless a soul is completely pure by eliminating any traces of karma, it does not become fit to get absorbed into the Lord. If one makes sincere attempt to realise Him, the Lord Himself comes forward to transform him. The Lord is more concerned in offering liberation than the aspirant. After all, the Lord is an embodiment of compassion.

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