Gita Series – 112: Bhagavad Gita Chapter X. Verse 10 – 11

“For those, who always stand united with Me by their love, I provide them with discriminative intelligence, thus enabling them to attain Me. By entering into them, I dispel their darkness, born of ignorance by substituting with the light of wisdom, thereby showering My Grace on them.”

When the aspirant puts a step towards Him, He puts several steps towards the aspirant, as the Lord is the embodiment of compassion. He is waiting for that aspirant to make the initial movement. He is ever ready to move very close to His devotee, as such devotees are rare to find. When an aspirant commences his spiritual journey, the ever compassionate Lord shows him the way by illuminating his path. The Lord Himself takes full control of the aspirant by imparting the Supreme knowledge that is required to realise Him. The inherent nature of a being is lack of knowledge about the Brahman, which is referred to as darkness by Krishna. The darkness of ignorance can be dispelled only with the light of wisdom. Krishna says that He is ready light the aspirant’s spiritual path.

After listening to Krishna this long, Arjuna has some more doubts. Being a true and sincere disciple, Arjuna never raised his doubts during Krishna’s sermons. He waited till Krishna stopped at a point.

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