Gita series - 40. Bhagavad Gita - Chapter III. 16 -18:

“Arjuna! The one who does not follow this long lasting cycle (as discussed in Gita series 39) lives in vain, impaired by his senses. But no duty subsists for the one who stays attuned with atman with delectation. Such a man has no use, either by performing his duties or not performing his duties. He does not depend upon others for anything”. Krishna further enlightens on self-realization. Long lasting cycle means the interdependency in creation. The one who does not follow the intrinsic principles of creation simply wastes his life by getting engrossed in sensorial pleasures. Since nothing is achieved in leading such a life, Krishna says that he lives in vain. He continues to live a routine life to be born again and again to undergo sufferings and miseries. But the one, who has developed higher level of consciousness, always stays colligated with the Supreme Self. It should be clearly understood that purest form of consciousness is divine.

Such a pure form of consciousness can be derived only by forbidding our thoughts from getting associated with senses. Such an association causes bondage. When one’s mind is stricken by bondage, he cannot transgress his mundane life. While pursuing the path of spirituality, one has to necessarily consider making certain sacrifices. The foremost factor is not being selfish and should learn to live for peaceful and prosperous coexistence. In the case of a self-realised person, he also performs all his prescribed duties, but remains unconcerned with its fruits. Even if he does not perform the prescribed duties, nothing alters his situation as his consciousness is always with the Creator. There is nothing more to achieve beyond this. The ultimate aim of these discussions is to realize our Creator and to ultimately merge with Him to obviate further births.

For such a self-realized person there is no use of either performing or non-performing actions. Either way, he is not affected by the fruits of actions, as he always stay attuned with God consciousness and does not identify himself as different from God. Whatever actions he does, he does it on behalf of God Himself and therefore no karmas arise out of such actions. Such a man does not have any needs. In the absence of needs, desires and ego die a natural death in his mind. His mind discovers complete clarity, as it becomes fully sublimated and unaffiliated by sensory stimulations. Such a man further gets refined and totally purified to become one with the Brahman. Ultimately his soul gets merged with its Creator. He does not meditate, he does not perform rituals, and he does nothing except unifying his consciousness with the Brahman forever. It is extremely difficult to identify such men and it is also equally difficult to say whether such men exist or not. If found their mere glance will absolve us from our evil karmas. Spirituality can be preached only by such men. Any amount of reading materials is of no use when compared to expert practical guidance.