Gita Series – 172: Bhagavad Gita Chapter XVIII. Verse 54 – 55

That yogi, who has realised the Brahman, with complete mental clarity, neither grieves nor rejoices. He beholds equitability and attains Me with supreme devotion. By this devotion, he realises My reality and having realised My reality, he gets absorbed into Me.”

A spiritual aspirant transforms into a yogi, when he enters the state of eternal bliss. By constantly remaining in a state of bliss, he moves towards the Lord slowly but steadily. When he enters into the arena of His radiating effulgence, his mind attains perfect clarity. When the mind is devoid of any other thought processes and entirely pervaded by His thoughts alone, his mind is said to have been cleansed. His mind remains in absolute purity. As his mind is percolated by His thoughts, he sees both animate and inanimate beings as Him. He does not need anything from anyone. He does not love anyone nor hate anyone. His mind becomes incapable of discrimination, as he has understood the reality of creation and existence. He knows that the Lord alone exists everywhere and only because of illusionary effect, the creation appears to be in different shapes and forms. He now becomes capable of looking beyond the shapes and forms. His mind becomes completely tranquil.

As he establishes himself in the radiating effulgence of the Lord, he begins to acquire the qualities of the Lord. He is like the Lord, yet He is not the Lord. When a log is put in a fire, it merges into the fire by burning itself slowly but firmly and ultimately merges with the fire. After the log is fully burnt, there remains no trace of the log, as the fire has totally assimilated the log. The log does not get burnt immediately. The log has to first draw the heat energy of the fire and then has to gradually transform into the fire itself. Unless both the fire and the log have the same level of temperature, the log cannot be burnt by the fire. If the log contains traces of water, fire ensures that traces of water are removed and this can be noticed at the other end of the log. The fire is purifying the log before it imbibes the log.

In the same manner, the Lord takes over that yogi, who enters into the vicinity of His effulgence for final processing before He allows his merger with Him. First, his mind is purified. It loses its ability to differentiate and discriminate, not out of ignorance, but due to lack of secondary thought processes. It loses its ability to receive the inputs from his sensory organs. That yogi sees only the Lord and Lord alone around him. His purified mind is readied for that Supreme merger. Traces of his karmic influences are removed, and his karmic account is totally zeroed. When the time is ripe, his soul leaves his physical remains and merges into the Lord forever. That yogi ceases to exist once and for all. The complete merger had happened. That yogi has become the Lord. The Lord and that yogi are not different now. That yogi’s perseverance and dedication have been rewarded.

Not a single person goes unrewarded in his spiritual pursuits, provided there is sincerity, devotion, perseverance and dedication. After all, the Lord is the embodiment of compassion. The only precondition before the merger is that one has to become almost like the Lord Himself. The final stages are taken care of by Him.

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