You gave an enchanting account of lord Bhairava...the most mistaken god. The descriptions made by you, I think will clear the doubts about the authenticity of this lord. However, I request you to guide me more on this line by telling me where I can find a higher level learning about this lord. Hoping to hear from you soon... The word Bhairava is made up of bha + ra +va. ‘Bha’ means the sustenance of the universe and ‘ra’ means dissolution of the universe and ‘va’ means manifestation of the universe. These are the prime qualities of God (the Brahman) creation, sustenance and dissolution. If you go through my earlier postings you can know about ‘prakasha’ and ‘vimarsha’ forms of God. In the Bhairava form of Shiva, His ultimate reality is coupled with the eternal awareness of Shakthi. This Bhairava form is different from the forms of Bhairava that we have discussed in forms of Bhairava and pervasive Bhairava . This Bhairava form is considered as the Supreme combination of Shiva and Shakthi from where the universe originates and sustains and dissolves. We have elaborately discussed about Shiva and Shakthi in this blog. You can also use other texts on Shiva.