Media’s question: I am performing my daily rituals like pooja, japa, meditation etc. with out fail. I have financial difficulties. My six year old son is affected by polio. My daughter died when she was twelve years old. Everyday I am praying to you to heal my son. In spite of my daily prayers I continue to suffer. Since you are here in person, why can’t you help me? God answers: At the time of doing pooja and japa your mind is not focused on me. If you are performing these rituals without a focused mind, you derive no benefits from these. I would rather say that you are wasting your time. These rituals have been laid down by your ancestors to fix your mind on me at least during these rituals. In your case, when you perform these rituals, your mind is not focused and therefore no benefit accrues to you. On all festive occasions you make number sweets and other eatables and you eat all these in my name. Your mind is getting focused on these eateries. You said that you are also meditating. I think the word meditation requires a proper explanation.

During meditation, your mind should be focused on my self illuminating form within you and should continue to be focused on this light, continuously for a prescribed period of time. The duration of meditation in the initial days should be longer as your mind cannot be controlled that easily. I have already discussed about thought and mind and how they are interdependent. So meditation is a process by which your mind can be tuned and tamed to make it still or thoughtless. As your mind gets matured over a period of time, the meditation will be happening perpetually. You need not spend separate time for meditation. Meditation is not a ritual. It should become as a habit. The communication between you and me takes place only during advanced meditative stage called Samadhi. You have mentioned about your financial difficulties and your son’s ailment. Your financial difficulty is due to your karmas and you have no other choice except to undergo this strain. As far as your son’s ailment is concerned, not only your son but your entire family suffers. Your son suffers physically and your family suffers mentally. Only the extent of suffering varies. All these sufferings are due to karmas. You will be annoyed when I go on saying that karmas are responsible for your sufferings. But this is the fact and you have to come to terms with your karmic concept. If you want to avoid sufferings in future, do not involve your self with the activities that cause bad karmas. Always think good for others. Extend help to the needy. Feed the poor. During festivities give clothes to poor children. Give them education. To attain this level, your mind and thought should complement each other. You said that your daughter died at a young age.

Since she had exhausted all her karmas, all her sufferings had come to an end and she had merged with me. She will have no more births. Finally you said that since I am here in person, I should help you to solve all your problems. In the first place, you have not realised that I am within you always. This is what I have been telling you all the time. Second, I can solve all your problems. I can make you rich over night. I can heal your son. But I will not do all these, as none can escape the clutches of their karmas. This is the rule of God. Once all your karmas are exhausted, you will also merge with my absolute form. At least in future ask for clarifications that will benefit everybody. (Next question follows)