To commune with God is not that difficult. The basic requirement to commune with God is your manifested form. You should be able to observe all the minute details in His appearance. When you think about Him for a minute you should be able to visualize Him immediately. The power of your manifestation and visualization is important in giving a final form to Him. I am repeatedly clarifying that God does not have a form. He is the ultimate creator and whatever He creates has its own shape and form. We are talking about God with a form here because we are only in the initial stage. Secondly, you should believe in His powers. If you are repeatedly told that God has enormous powers, you should be in a position to believe that. Unless, you experience Him, you may not believe Him. If you do not believe Him, then all your efforts will become futile. That is why we are now discussing God with a form. Secondly you should also know your creative abilities.

All of us have plenty of creative abilities and the unfortunate thing is that we do not realise our own abilities. If you realise your creative abilities, you will have a wonderful career path too. Once you are able to visualize His form in a moment, then you are ready to establish your commune with Him. You can manifest God either in a male or a female form. For easy reference we are referring God by masculine gender. Before establishing your commune with Him, you have to infuse life to the form. Here mantra chanting helps, though it is not compulsory. By chanting mantra as frequently as possible and with utmost concentration, you will energize your manifested form. That is why it is always said that whenever we chant mantra, we have to visualize that form of God to get benefits of chanting. Those who are capable of chanting mantra can do so, and those who cannot chant have to put in more efforts. Sit for meditation and close your eyes. Visualize your favourite form. Close all your sense organs. You can close all your sense organs by imagining a link between the sense organs and your inner self which is located in the heart chakra or anahat chakra.

Suppose you want to close your ears then you should not hear any external noise. For this you first visualize closing your ears with cotton pads or whatever you can think of though you actually do not use any thing to close your ears. Then establish a link between your ears and heart chakra. By practicing this, you will not hear any external noise whenever you decide so. The same is the procedure for all other sense organs. By establishing such a link with all sensory organs, your heart chakra will be activated and your love for fellow beings will vastly improve, apart from deactivating the sensory organs. If you realise that your love for others has improved, then you can be confident that all your steps are right. We will continue in the next posting.