Once your heart chakra which is also called anahat chakra is activated, you will start enjoying universal bliss. Enjoying universal bliss is a part of self realization. After plugging your sensory organs, start concentrating on your heart chakra. After persistent practice, you can listen to the sound of ‘OM’ from your heart chakra!! The OM is the sound of divinity. First, we should learn to communicate our thoughts to our manifested form of God and secondly, we should be able to understand and listen to His answer. When you are already a creator, it will not be difficult for you to establish your line of communication with Him. Again you have to use the power of your mind and thought to establish such a link. Like manifesting a form, you have to visualize the communication link. Yet another important factor is your unstinted faith in the manifested form of God. Let us assume that you have a question to God about a change in your career. You have an offer from XYZ firm doubling your salary and they ask you to join them within a month or so. You are working with your present employer, a firm of high repute, for last 10 years. Now you are in a dilemma whether to take up the offer from XYZ or to continue with the present employer. You are neither in a position to decide by yourself nor are your friends able to help you to take a correct decision.

Now you have no choice except to ask your God. If you ask Him in the right way He will certainly give you a solution. He will not only give you a solution for this problem, but will give you solutions for all your problems, provided you ask Him by establishing a good communication link with Him. Sit for meditation, a real deep meditation and employ the following techniques. Visualize your created form of God. By coordinated efforts of your mind and thought, tell your God about the problem. The first technique is to coordinate your mind and thought. You should be familiar with this technique as you have already used this technique in manifesting His form. Second important technique is that you should enter a state of deep meditation and your consciousness should be in higher frequency. Higher frequency means merging your ‘I’ consciousness with the universal consciousness or merging your thoughts into the ether. Stay attuned with your form till you get an answer from your God. God will reply you in two ways. The first way of His communication is by words and His second way of communication is by vision. Some times, He can communicate with you by both words and vision. Now let us understand this. Let us take the case of His visual communication.

When you are in a deep state of meditation and tell God your problems, God will analyze your problems, and will give you a vision of a future scene. For example, if He decides to advise you to take up new assignment, you will then get a vision connected to your new environment. You may get a vision of your new office, or a vision of yourself entering the premises of new office or any vision of this type. In case He decides to advise you not to take up the new offer, you will get no vision of your new environment and you will have a vision of your existing work place. In case He decides to give you answers by words, you will hear His voice saying yes or no or any other words of His choice, provided you have closed all your sense organs and established a strong communication line with Him. You will hear His voice clear and loud. Since He decides, nothing will wrong against you. You must also understand that all this happen due to your power of manifestation and your ability to synchronize your thought and mind. Sometimes, He replies in your dream, particularly to those who do not have these abilities. One thing you can be sure is that His decision will never go wrong. Your patience and perseverance play a vital role in your commune with your God. What else you are waiting for? For feedback and clarification please mail me at feedback feedback@manblunder.com