This is part XV of kundalini series. Human mind attains maturity with age. That is why we become more matured at our old age. The shaping of the mind basically depends on the level of cosmic energy one could draw from the universe. Cosmic energy is the energy of the cosmos and dressed up with the energy life prevailing in the planet earth. If you stand under a tree during day time, you become more active because you inhale the oxygen emitted by the tree. Cosmic energy is the divine energy, hence cannot be polluted. That is why I said cosmic energy is dressed up with other energies of the earth. Study of mind, brain and consciousness is all left to the scientists who are putting in their best efforts to unravel their mysteries.

From our point of view, it is enough to basically understand them. The basic understanding is necessary, as the kundalini affects all the three or all the three affect the kundalini. Scientists broadly agree on the concept of body-mind-brain combine. The cause of awareness is created only by this trio. Unless these three work in co-ordination, we cannot act. It is a two way communication between body on one side and mind and brain on the other side. Keeping this three in good condition is within our reach. Out of the three, mind is invisible and the most powerful of the three. Body can be kept clean with activities like bath etc. Mind can be kept clean by controlling our thoughts. Brain can be kept clean by staying off from intoxicants.

Unfortunately, scientists do not believe in kundalini and those who have experience in kundalini are not willing to look at it from the scientific angle. This is the reason why most of us are not willing to buy the theory that kundalini meditation endows some super human activities, though it has been proved beyond doubt by demonstration by a number of yogis. Such people do exist even today. The movement of kundalini is directly related to your consciousness. What is this consciousness that we are talking about? It is your awareness when you are conscious. What is awareness then? It is a state of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness. The cause for awareness is the senses. Due to actions of the sense organs knowledge is gained, from knowledge intellect is gained and from intellect awareness is created and out of awareness consciousness is born.

Therefore awareness is possible only if you realise something through your senses. If something is not realised through your senses, then it is visualization. Visualization is conceiving something that is not known to you. Creating awareness for something that physically exists as an object is rather easy. But visualizing something is difficult because you do not have prior knowledge about the object conceived as the object itself does not exist. But we have to make this visualization possible only by training our mind. Therefore mind has an important role to play in kundalini meditation. If mind is properly trained and well prepared, then it is called a tamed mind. A tamed mind has the capacity to transform into a good conscious mind. A good conscious mind with an aroused kundalini is a potential creator.