atha muktāmaya-pañcadaśa-prākāra-sthita-daṇḍinī-vārāhī-dhyānam

(॥अथ मुक्तामयपञ्चदशप्राकारस्थितदण्डिनीवाराहीध्यानम् ॥ )

[The meditation verses of Śrī Daṇḍinī Vārāhī devi, situated within the enclosure surrounded by the garland of fifteen pearls – Nitya devi-s].

atha muktākhya sālasyāntare māruta-yojane

sālon marakatābhikhyaś-catur-yojanam-ucchrataḥ 1

अथ मुक्ताख्य सालस्यान्तरे मारुतयोजने ।

सालोन् मरकताभिख्यश्चतुर्योजनमुच्छ्रतः ॥ १ ॥

Situated in the midst of a forest full of dense Sāl (sal - Shorea robusta) trees, the swaying of these trees resembling a peculiar sounding of drums and the generated winds blowing to the length of a yojana (about 9 miles) and the lush green sal trees themselves casting emerald green brilliance about the length of four yojana-s -

[Śrī Vārāhī devi resides in the Ājñā cakra. The dense forest and the thick wood of the trees is equated to karmas and the wind is our breath. Alignment of the breath with the vibrations of the mantra will activate the Ājñā cakra and all other cakras in the body.]

pūrvavad-gopurādīnāṃ saṃsthānaiśca suśobhitaḥ

sarvāḥ sthālīr-marakata-śreṇibhiḥ khacitāḥ śubhāḥ 2

पूर्ववद्गोपुरादीनां संस्थानैश्च सुशोभितः ।

सर्वाः स्थालीर्मरकतश्रेणिभिः खचिताः शुभाः ॥ २ ॥

[As described before in previous śloka-s for Śrī Śyāmalā devi, likewise in the Divine city of Śrī Nagara, The Divine Mother Śrī Vārāhī devi is the foremost established authority of the palace of the Divine Mother Śrī Lalitā Devi.]

The palace gates and the environs, dazzling with brilliant emerald green radiance, along with all vessels and containers present, bedecked and loaded with emeralds of top notch quality and brilliance -

[All objects reflect Her brilliant dark green emerald radiance, also emanating from Her bedecked ornaments. She stands eminently and is very prominent and unmatched, amongst all the retinue of Śrī Lalita Devi.

The Ājñā cakra is considered the most prominent cakra for spiritual upliftment and the removal of all karmas, leading to self-realization.]

hematāla-vanāḍhyā ca sarva-vastu-samākulā

tatra śrī-daṇḍa-nāthāyā dahanādi-vidig-gatāḥ 3

हेमतालवनाढ्या च सर्ववस्तुसमाकुला ।

तत्र श्रीदण्डनाथाया दहनादिविदिग्गताः ॥ ३ ॥

In the golden creeper forest area, abounding with all objects [of the Creation], resides the chief destroyer [commander-in-chief] Śrī Daṇḍinī Vārāhī devi.

[The Ājñā cakra and the yellow light that is observed when meditated upon it, is subtly described. She is called Daṇḍinī, as She holds a staff indicating that She is a great punisher and will rid us of all enemies, internal and external. The staff is also indicative of the Śiva liṅga, which represents the higher super-consciousness that is limitless and infinite and She holding it, represents that She will lead us to liberation. She is also called Yamī, or the śakti of Lord Yama, the ruler of Naraka loka, a type of hell, indicating that She will also punish us for any sins that we commit. She is warning us to fall in line and be truthful and devout to our spiritual practices. She is also the consort of Lord Varāha, an avatar of Lord Viṣṇu, who had lifted the Earth – Bhūdevi from the depths of the cosmic ocean, resembling a great deluge, by defeating the forces of evil associated with the golden eyed Rākṣasā Hiraṇyākṣa. She is therefore the Divine Mother Lakṣmi and grants us immense wealth and fulfills all our material and spiritual wishes.]

cattvāro nilayāḥ proktāḥ mantriṇī-gṛha-vistṛtāḥ

kiri-cakra-rathendrasya yāḥ parvāṇi samāśritāḥ 4

चत्त्वारो निलयाः प्रोक्ताः मन्त्रिणीगृहविस्तृताः ।

किरिचक्ररथेन्द्रस्य याः पर्वाणि समाश्रिताः ॥ ४ ॥

This is Her home, as declared and arranged by the Divine Mother Śrī Śyāmalā devi [Mantriṇī]. She is comfortably seated and riding atop Her intricately designed Kiri [hog] cakra chariot –

[Kiri cakra is Her Yantra and represents all the powers associated with Śrī Daṇḍinī Vārāhī devi. The hogs have an inherent nature of consuming everything in their vicinity and feared for their destructive nature. The Kiri cakra is ideal for consuming all the karma by the grace of the Divine Mother Śrī Daṇḍinī Vārāhī devi. Also, She is seen as an Earthly goddess indicated by Her boar face and represents the śakti/power to ascend from the Earthly realms to the higher spiritual realms. As an Earthy goddess, She grants us all the material pleasures and immense land holdings, that are higher than we can ever imagine.]

bhaṇḍāsura-mahā-yuddhe tā devyas-tatra jāgrati

jambhinyādyā ścakra-devyo hetukāṃ-ścaiva bhairavāḥ 5

भण्डासुरमहायुद्धे ता देव्यस्तत्र जाग्रति ।

जम्भिन्याद्या श्चक्रदेव्यो हेतुकांश्चैव भैरवाः ॥ ५ ॥

She protected the devas in the major war against the arrogant and evil Asura king Bhaṇḍāsura. She is aided by various Yogini-s, such as the sturdy and firm Jambhini and the retinue of the most powerful and fierce Aṣṭa Bhairavas, starting with the destiny changing Hetuka -

[The stubborn karmas and other inner deficiencies and evils inherent in us, are destroyed by Her grace. The forces that come along with the Divine Mother can annihilate any obstacles preventing our spiritual and material growth in all walks of life].

sapta nigraha-devyāśca nṛtyanti-mada-vihvalāḥ

catur-vidikṣu-daṇḍinyā yatra yatra mahadgṛham 6

सप्त निग्रहदेव्याश्च नृत्यन्तिमदविह्वलाः ।

चतुर्विदिक्षुदण्डिन्या यत्र यत्र महद्गृहम् ॥ ६ ॥

Followed by the seven other Bhairavas as protectors. The suppressed Devas danced in ecstasy over the victory against Bhaṇḍāsura and the great relief that was experienced.

All round protection is ensured by Her grace and wherever She dwells, becomes a holy place, safe haven and a place of immense peace and prosperity!

[All fear disappears when the Ājñā cakra is awakened and Her power is fully invoked in us].

tatra-pūrvādi-digbhāge devī-sadṛśa-varcasaḥ

unmatta-bhairavī caiva svapneśī ca tiraskṛtiḥ 7

तत्रपूर्वादिदिग्भागे देवीसदृशवर्चसः ।

उन्मत्तभैरवी चैव स्वप्नेशी च तिरस्कृतिः ॥ ७ ॥

Starting with the Eastern quarter, Divine śakti-s with immense powers, serve the Divine Mother in the Kiri Cakra. Beginning with the highly intoxicating Unmatta-Bhairavī and likewise, the dream and hallucination inducing Svapneśī and the great concealing Tiraskṛti -

[Several powers are unlocked when the cakras are awakened within our body, by the grace of the Divine Mother.]

tathā kirīṭinī devī sevante daṇḍa-nāyikāṃ

eṣakakṣyā marakata-prakṛti-ssarvato diśaḥ 8

तथा किरीटिनी देवी सेवन्ते दण्डनायिकां ।

एषकक्ष्या मरकतप्रकृतिस्सर्वतो दिशः ॥ ८ ॥

And thereafter the crowning Kirīṭinī, serve the Divine Mother the commander-in-chief - Śrī Daṇḍanāyikā Vārāhī devi. Abundant greenery and emergence of nature in its full glory is ensured and witnessed from all directions. This comes about by the effect of the girdles of protection, emanating from the Kiri Cakra.

[The powers that serve the Divine Mother become one with us, with Her grace.]

nivāso daṇḍa-nāthāyāḥ kevalaṃ tvābhimānikaḥ

daṇḍanāthā tatra devi śata-stambhāḍhya maṇḍape 9

निवासो दण्डनाथायाः केवलं त्वाभिमानिकः ।

दण्डनाथा तत्र देवि शतस्तम्भाढ्य मण्डपे ॥ ९ ॥

This Divine Mother Śrī Daṇḍanāthā Vārāhī devi, takes immense pride in this residence of Hers, also consisting of a hundred pillars in the establishment.

[A possible reference to Her 108 attributes, that ensure that She resides in our Ājñā cakra at all times.]


bindu-trikoṇa-vṛttāḍhyaṃ ṣaḍ-dala vṛtta-yug‌makam 10

कार्तस्वरमयाम्भोजकर्णिकामध्यसंस्थितम् ।

बिन्दुत्रिकोणवृत्ताढ्यं षड्दल वृत्तयुग्‌मकम् ॥ १० ॥

She is seated in the midst of a golden petalled lotus. The Kiri cakra yantra is made of a dot surrounded by an inverted isosceles triangle and further, by another enclosing circle, along with a six triangle formation emerging out of the intersection of two interlocking upright and downward isosceles triangles enclosed by another circle.

[The description of the Vārāhī devi yantra is described, which encloses all Her subordinate śakti-s. The activation of the six main cakras in our body are subtly indicated. The downward inverted triangle is the base of the kuṇḍalini and turning it upward represents the rise of the kuṇḍalini śakti and the opening of the base mūlādhāra cakra.]

cakraṃ virājite tatra tapta-kāñcana-sannibhā

sandhyāruṇa-lasac-celā sarv-ābharaṇa-maṇḍitā 11

चक्रं विराजिते तत्र तप्तकाञ्चनसन्निभा ।

सन्ध्यारुणलसच्चेला सर्वाभरणमण्डिता ॥ ११ ॥

She shines brilliantly in the molten golden colored Kiri Cakra/yantra. She is dressed in red shining garments and seated within a fully bedecked enclosure and mount.

śaṅka-cakr-ābhaya-varān halaṃ ca musalaṃ tathā

pāś-āṅkuśau ca dadhatī candra-rekhāvataṃsinī

vārāha-vaktra-saṃyuktā daṇḍinī tatra vartate 12

शङ्कचक्राभयवरान् हलं च मुसलं तथा ।

पाशाङ्कुशौ च दधती चन्द्ररेखावतंसिनी ।

वाराहवक्त्रसंयुक्ता दण्डिनी तत्र वर्तते ॥ १२ ॥

She holds a conch shell, a discus, the fear allaying Abhaya mudra, the wish granting Vara mudra, a plough, a club, a rope and an elephant goad. She sports a crescent moon on Her forehead and Her mouse resembles that of a boar and She is the eternal punisher and enforcer- Daṇḍinī!

[The conch shell resonates all the vibrations of the Creation, the discus cuts through any type of obstacles related to karma, the fear and wish granting mudras assure us of complete protection as well as the benefits of submitting to Her, for obtaining Her full grace. The plough(plow) will till/overturn our barren minds and intellect, to plant the seeds of devotion and cultivate the discipline and knowledge, to raise our consciousness. The club will drive away all misconceptions and ignorance. The rope will rein us in, when we lose ourselves on the path to redemption and the elephant goad tames our emotions to rein in stability and drives a marked change in our outlook and perception towards everything. The moon represents our mind and we have Her in our minds, then we will reach to the top echelons of spirituality as well as attain all the success we can ever ask for and more! The boar face is a reminder of Her abilities and ferocity, to vanquish anything that hinders our path towards success.]

asya muktāmaya-durgasya puraḥsthā-marakatamaya-durgasya ca antarāla-bhūta-pañcadaśyāḥ kakṣyāyāḥ suvarṇamayat-ālavaṇe kiricakrāsane rathastha-devatābhiḥ kiricakrāsane daṇḍinīr-bhūtā vārāhī-devī parivāreṇa ca samaṃ nijāyudhāni dhṛtvā rakṣikā bhūtvaste 13

अस्य मुक्तामयदुर्गस्य पुरःस्थामरकतमयदुर्गस्य च अन्तरालभूतपञ्चदश्याः कक्ष्यायाः सुवर्णमयतालवणे किरिचक्रासने रथस्थदेवताभिः किरिचक्रासने दण्डिनीर्भूता वाराहीदेवी परिवारेण च समं निजायुधानि धृत्वा रक्षिका भूत्वस्ते ॥ १३ ॥

After transcending the difficult to comprehend garland of pearls (related to the nitya devis surrounding Srī Lalitā devi), She appears right in front with dark emerald green complexion and is very difficult to comprehend in form. She is of the appearance that resembles the fifteenth day of the dark lunar fortnight (new moon day), bedecked in complete gold, masking Her. She is atop Her Kiri-cakra chariot (Yantra) surrounded by various celestial devatās in Her retinue and generating the great aggressive and protective energy that is associated with Her innate instincts.  She is assisted by all Her subordinate śakti-s, who are Her own forms (Laghu Vārāhī, Tiraskaraṇi etc.) armed with all their weapons, to come to our rescue again and again and forever, in all our lifetimes!    

[Only after worshipping the innermost triangle where the nitya devi-s reside, can we truly become eligible for worshipping Śrī Daṇḍinī Vārāhī devi. A subtle indication is made, suggesting the worshipping of the Śrī Cakra and thereby the Nitya devi-s, as a pre-requisite for Her sādhana. The nitya devi-s fulfill all the desires of the devotees and free them completely of any remaining worldly desires. This will set the stage for further spiritual upliftment. It is therefore next to impossible, to comprehend and witness the power of Śrī Daṇḍinī Vārāhī devi, without completing the pre-requisites.

The Kiri cakra is extremely powerful and has all the powers and energies associated with it, to annihilate all our enemies, internal and external, in order to help us reach the innermost dimensionless realm of the Śrī Cakra, the abode of Śiva and Śakti, the super-consciousness. This is the same as the complete activation of the crown sahasrāra cakra. Strong emphasis is made, stating that the protection offered, will last various lifetimes if the complete liberation and merger into the super-consciousness were to last more lifetimes that the current itself].