We have, on July 29, 2010 had begun basic discussion on Śiva Sūtra-s . Beginning from today, we are going to discuss Śiva Sūtra in detail under the series “Detailed Study of Shiva Sutras”.  This series will take forward beauty of the Trika Philosophy from the earlier simplified and easy to understand series.  Every attempt has been made to explain various terms in a very detailed manner with additional notes wherever necessary.  There may be few instances where Advaita philosophy is also explained so as to establish a synthesis between Trika and Adviata.

I recall the sayings of Gabriel Pradīpaka once again, which was published in the introduction to my book Śiva Sūtras. “Advaita Vedanta is similar to Trika in many points, but there are some similarities in the “summit”. i.e. in the concept of God and the way He manifests the universe. Attempting to make synthesis of Trika and Advaitavedānata is very difficult.”

A small note given in my Śiva Sūtra book on  Advaita and Trika Philosophies can be read here.