As we have discussed kundalini at length, we should also know about our energy field. You need not be clairvoyant to study your energy filed or of others. It is a simple procedure of observation and concentration. Our physical body is surrounded by two types of energies. The one that is immediately around our physical body is called inner energy field and appears smoky in colour. Normally this extends one or two inches from our physical body. The other one is around this inner energy field and is luminous in nature and could extend several inches beyond the inner energy field. This can be called outer energy filed. Every living being will have these two energy fields around them. Observe the following steps in studying your energy filed first. Stand before a mirror and your head portion should be clearly visible to you. Have some dark background behind your head.

Ensure that your head gets some light. Now move your eyes in such a way that you are able to concentrate and observe the area just above the top of your head (crown chakra). After a minute or two, you will be able to see the smoky inner energy and luminous outer energy around your head. By constant practice, you can develop your clairvoyant eyes perfectly. Once you are through with the study of your own aura (the energy filed), you can study the aura of others as well. In due course, by merely looking at a person you will be in a position to assess his energy level. The level of energy filed is an indicator of a person’s qualities.

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