Shiva created Shakthi. From Shakthi emerges nada. Nada in its primitive stage is called nadanta. Nada can be interpreted as resonance and subtle in nature. When you practice kundalini yoga this nada is perceptible. It is only perceptible and cannot be heard. The force with which kundalini ascents causes vibration and the sound of this vibration is perceived. This nada with intention to create shabdhabrahman is called unmana or the supramental Shakthi. This supramental energy is the origin of OM or pranava. This supramental energy is going to manifest as the universe. Nada then becomes nirodhini. Nirodhini infuses potency to mantras. When you chant mantra by using your mind alone and without using the sense organ of speech, the mantra will have more potency. This is the reason why you are advised to chant japa mantras without making sound. Shiva – Shakthi – nadanta – nada – nirodhini manifest one after another and takes the form of a bindu. Bindu can be interpreted as a dot. This dot is highly energized and is capable of providing energy all-round, as it has no upper side or lower side or any sides. Can you say that ozone layer is above the earth or below the earth? The ozone layer is engulfing the earth as a sheath. So we cannot say that ozone is on the left side of the earth or the side of the earth or above the earth or below the earth. Compare the dot to earth and you will know. This bindu is a highly concentrated form of energy that has not yet been manifested. Bindu got energized by supramental Shakthi at nirodhini. This bindu is just not a phonic energy, but also radiating. It is radiating because it originated from the Absolute form. This when travelling through our spinal cord as part of kundalini energy makes sound and light which can be perceived by the meditator. This bindu, due to its extreme energy swells and bloats, then bursts and divides into three bindus. This can be compared to a balloon exploding when more air is let in.

These three bindus together form a triangle. This triangle and bindu are discussed in the worship of Srichakra. These bindus are called pashyanti, madhyama and vaikari, the three planes of speech. These three bindus are also manifested as iccha shakthi, jnana shakthi and kriya shakthi, the trio that become responsible for all our activities. In tantra sastra these highly energized bindus are calledVama, Jyeshta and Raudri. Vama represents those who seek worldly pleasures, Jyeshta represents those who seek knowledge and Raudri helps those who seek knowledge of the divine by destroying their karmic account. The sound at this stage is impregnated, but not ready for delivery. Till this stage the sound is only perceived and not delivered or heard. Shakthi in the form of kundalini energizes these bindus also. After deriving sufficient energy these bindus transform into the mother of aksharas called matrka. Matrka means mother of phonemes or alphabets. Now this mother delivers her children called kalas. These kalas are sixteen in number. The first fifteen kalas are vowels. There are fifteen vowels in Sanskrit. The Sixteenth kala is called visarga. This sixteenth kala becomes the root for consonants. In the process of delivery, friction is caused in our throat area and sound is delivered in decipherable form. Now the sound is heard.