In order to have effective functioning, both static and kinetic energies are needed. We have noticed that both these energies are equally powerful. But one among the two should be the first among the creations. In Sanskrit it is called aathi or the original. It is also called anathi, which means no parentage. Therefore, this anathi or aathi is the atman which is also known as the Brahman. In our earlier postings we have referred to Shiva as the static energy and Shakthi as the kinetic energy. Since Shakthi is created by Shiva it is a logical conclusion that Shiva is the original creator. Since Shiva is aathi and anathi, He was not created by anybody. He then created shakthi, the kinetic energy. It is not enough to merely make these types of statements but we have to substantiate them. The Brahman has no attributes. It is pure and eternal. It simply exists. But without its existence nothing is possible. Like its universal and eternal existence, it is also within you and me.

When we say that atman or Brahman is within us it is our ego which makes us to say so. It is not by a mere affirmative statement that we realise the atman. It is to be understood and realized within and that is why we have to substantiate by arguments and counter arguments. The important point we have to remember is that atman and soul are different. When we say “I am the Brahman”, unfortunately it is our ego which says this. I am the Brahman is not a statement to be made, but a fact to be realized. That is why it is called self-realization. Self realization is possible only in the human beings. Plants and animals cannot realize this as they do not have the sixth sense. The human birth is the gift of God to endeavour us to avoid further births. If we miss this opportunity, we will have to repent for it birth after birth. It is said that the universe is born out of the Brahman. When we say that Brahman is the creator of only the shakthi or kinetic energy, how is it then that the universe is born out of Brahman. Universe and shakthi are one and the same. It is called maya or illusion. Unless we go beyond maya we cannot realize the Brahman. At the same time this universe will not exist as it exists today without the combination of Brahman and maya.

There are different versions regarding Brahman. One school of thought says that Brahman is the creator of everything and there is nothing called Shakthi. Everything in this universe is born out of him, nourished by him and gets dissolved into him. The second school of thought says maya is the creator, who is in the form of nature. The third school of thought talks about Brahman and maya combine is the cause for creation, sustenance and dissolution. Therefore, we have to look into these aspects before arriving at a conclusion. But whatever we discuss, the authoritative conclusion can be only through our own experience. Whatever we discuss and deliberate is to enable us to have personal experience. Unless we have our own experience, knowledge will continue to be limited and sometimes evasive also. Knowledge in the form of intellect is required to have firsthand experience. It is all the more relevant because we cannot have knowledge about the Brahman as it does not exist in a physical form and does not have any qualities.