This is part X of kundalini series. Rising of kundalini involves various actions. Unless lower chakras are well activated, there will be problems in activating the higher chakras. Apart from the various actions we have seen in the earlier postings, we will now look at two more options available to us. When you inhale, hold your breath in the chakra you are trying to activate. This becomes possible only if you learn to visulaise breathing through your spinal cord. Concentration of the highest order is necessary to visualise breathing through your spine. By persistent practice you will become familiar with this. Only by such a practice, you can be sure of taking the kundalini through the central canal of the spinal cord. Otherwise, kundalini energy will wrongly ascend through ida or pingala which you may not realise in the beginning stages.

When you inhale as per the details given in the earlier posting, hold your breath at swadishtan chakra. This means by holding your breath, you should look thorough your external eyes at swadishtan chakra. This is the first step towards what is being called looking within. Looking within is nothing but concentrating on a particular area within or exploring within. There is difference between concentrating within and exploring within. You concentrate only on an object that is already known to you. For concentration you need to have prior knowledge of the object. Exploration means that you are yet to know the object. First you have to explore and then find out the object and then concentrate. Let us take the example of oil exploration. Oil is explored over a vast area and the exact place identified with sophisticated equipments. Once the area is identified, then that area alone is concentrated to dig wells, to get gas. Let us take oil is as the subject. The first step is exploring. Second step is identification. Third step is concentration. The final step is the reward, in the form gas. First is looking for the chakra. Second is identifying the chakra. Third is concentrating on the chakra and activating it. The final step is the reward in the form some certain powers endowed on you by the chakra. In the case of oil exploration the stretch covers several hundred square miles. But in the case of chakras, at least we know about our body well and our exploration is limited to a few inches. Additional inputs are given in black and white.

Therefore locating and activating the chakras in our body is comparatively an easier job. Locations of the chakras are clearly explained. In order to felicitate easy visualization, each chakra is identified with a colour. When chakra is being activated you are aware of the activation by means of vibration and heat in that area. This vibration and heat will be felt both in your front and back sides as the energy generated by the chakras will be quite powerful. Let us now find out the ways to activate swadishtan chakra. You know where it is, a couple of inches above the coccyx and a little below the sacrum area. We now know the place. For better visualization the colour is identified as orange. As the kundalini has already pierced the brahma granthi, its next halt is at swadishtan only. We have to hold kundalini in swadishtan and activate this chakra. Sit for meditation. After following the formalities mentioned earlier, inhale deeply, visulaise and feel that you are inhaling the air stored in muladhara, do moolabhandha, visualise that you are inhaling through your spinal cord, hold your breath for a few seconds and visualise that you are holding your breath at swadishtan chakra. Please do not hold your breath more than a few seconds. Repeat this a few times. Your total concentration should be only on the chakra.

After repeating this a few times revert to normal breathing, with your total concentration on this orange coloured chakra. Continue to meditate on this chakra with orange colour. Your swadishtan chakra will be activated after repeated attempts, possibly within a month. Do not forget to look at this chakra with your external eyes (looking within) and concentrate. It is always better to have a learned guru by your side when you practice kundalini meditation. You should not attempt to learn kundalini meditation on your own as any wrong actions may cause damage to your nervous system.