Fear is the worst destroyer of spirituality. Fear is a product of our mind. Not only it obstructs the path to spirituality, but also it destroys the progress made so far. Fear not only afflicts our mind, though it is a product of mind, it affects our health as well. Most of our fears are unfounded and a result of our imagination. Fears are mostly related to physical body. For example fear of an accident, fear of an unexpected fall, fear of a disease or injury, fear of an enemy etc. Sometimes fear arises out our ego. Fear of hurting your prestige in the society, fall in status, etc classified under this category. So, basically it is important to note that fear arises out of attachment to the physical body and ego. The latter also includes finance management. There are only two possible remedies we can think of. One is to undergo the agony of fear and the other is destroying the cause of fear by visualization.

When you have fear all your energy will be drained out. After all, everything is pre-determined by our karmas and whatever is to happen will certainly happen. If you have positive thoughts, positive actions will manifest and negative thoughts manifest as miseries and sufferings. To a great extent you can eliminate your fear by positive thoughts. We have already seen that thoughts are very powerful. All of us never escape the clutches of fear, but most of us encounter fear and make it powerless. There should be some cause for fear. If you are able to destroy that cause, the effect of fear will not manifest. Let us take a simple example. You are pulling out car out of the garage. If you nurse a fear that you may meet with some accident, this fear will manifest and cause some accident. In this situation, your thought manifests as action. On the contrary, if you think that you will have a safe day, the day is bound to be safe. Let us take another example. Your superior is going to give his report on you for your promotion. On some occasions you had misunderstandings with your superior and he did not like your attitude. Possibly he may not give a good report about you for your promotion. In this case meditate and infuse positive energies to your superior.

Do this with concentration and faith. You can be rest assured that your superior will not give any adverse report about you, as your positive energies will make him to write a good report. By infusing positive energies, you can have positive results in most of the situations. Mentally you can burn the cause of fear by visualizing fire burning the cause of the fire. Practice this type of meditation and you can be sure of your success. You do not require any separate place to do this meditation. If you are in your office, take a minute or two, find out a place where you can get some fresh air, close your eyes and visualise that the cause of your fear is being burnt by flames of fire. Only thing that you have to ensure is that you do not lose your balance while closing your eyes. You can rest you back against a wall or a tree or anything. Remember one thing always. Nobody can harm you either emotionally or physically. You are a divine soul and divine energies in abundance are always around you and protect you. This divine energy prevents two things. One, they prevent you from committing evil acts, and second they protect you from evil influences. After all what you sow is what you reap.