We have seen that Prakasha and Vimarsha combined together is called the Absolute. This Absolute is full of energy and power. The universe is created out of the manifested energy of the Absolute. Ancient scriptures say that if the Absolute did not manifest, then the Absolute will be all alone and there will be none to call the Absolute, as the Absolute. This situation is like a pot with out water. Prakasha can be called “I” concept and Vimarsha can be called “this” concept. In the state of Absolute, Praskasha and vimarsha are united to make the Absolute a single entity. Vimarsha is the heart and will of Prakasha. Learned scholars make a comparison of this stage to a banyan tree.

The prakasha is compared to the minuscule size seed of a banyan tree. Seed is the cause of creation of the banyan tree. Its seed is small, but it grows as a big tree. The growth of the tree is compared to vimarsha. The shakthi or vimarsha functions independently of the prakasha. The duty of the seed stopped immediately after its germination. But such a huge banyan tree cannot grow with out a seed. So the seed has become the root cause for the banyan tree. The seed is prakasha and its growth as a big tree is vimarsha. We have already seen that consciousness is called as ‘cit’ in Sanskrit. Shakthi is referred to as ‘citi’ in Sanskrit. The shakthi of the supreme is called ‘citi’ and the Supreme is called ‘cit’. Cit is static and citi acts by the mere will of the cit.

We have seen in earlier postings that the entire creation works on 24 tatwas. Tatwas means citi. Cit do not have tatwas. Cit does not do anything. Every act is done only by citi. Cit shines all alone and self illuminating. Citi does not shine all alone and not self illuminating. It gets light from cit. This can be compared to Sun and Moon. Sun does not need any other object for illumination and it is self illuminating. The moon can shine only with the light of the sun. Moon cannot shine independently. Cit can be compared to Sun and citi to moon. That is why shakthi is compared to moon. These tatwas can be divided broadly into two. One is tatwa of cit or prakasha. Another is tatwas of shakthi or citi or vimarsha. Tatwa of cit is the creation of citi alone, the initial creation, whereas the tatwas of citi are 24 or 36 or whatever. Tatwas of citi is the energy. In the next posting we will discuss about the 36 tatwas of shakthi who is also called as citi or vimarsha.