In the other school of thought, it is opined that Vimarsha has also to go, to realise Prakasha. This school of thought appears to be right because of the following arguments. The first thing is that Vimarsha was created out of the will of Prakasha. Two, Prakasha directs Vimarsha to perform the creation etc of the universe. Third Prakasha is self illuminating and Viamrsha gets light for its acts only from Prakasha. Fourth, it is always said that Prakasha in the form of Brahman is just witnessing the acts of Shakthi or Vimarsha and it does not act at all. Hence, it is argued that Prakasha is the Supreme Self and hence for realisation, we have to seek Prakasha which is also called Brahman or Atman. For realizing Atman, we have to go past Shakthi. The fact remains that Shakthi is pure manifestation of maya. That is why it was said earlier ‘vimarsha maha maya swarupini”.

The shakthi in the form of maya is certainly to be passed through, to seek the divine Brahman. But, to attain this penultimate stage, only shakthi has to help the seeker. Unless the seeker fully understands the maya, he cannot seek the ever shining Brahman. We have discussed all these, only to understand maya. Maya is complicated to understand. To enable us to understand maya, this has been divided into tatwas or principles. A seeker of inner Self should have the blessings of Shakthi. Blessings here mean, understanding maya through the tatwas and remove one tatwa after another. If all these tatwas are removed, we can have the hazy vision of Prakahsa through a transparent veil of Vimarsha or Shakthi. At this point we are able to realise partially about the Brahman.

From this stage onwards, deep meditation is necessary to realise the Brahman within. Only by sincere and dedicated meditation, we can fully realise the Brahman. But this Brahman within, is again sitting as a witness. The kriya or action of the seeker is being carried out by Shakthi only. Again the action of the Sahakthi depends upon the good or bad karmas done by the seeker over several births. Let us also understand that both Prakasha and Vimarsha in their independent forms also are not pernicious. We have come to the concluding part. How do we realise the Brahman within? In the first place we have to understand that we should never seek the Brahman outside our physical body.

The Brahman as atma is within us. He is covered by the above tatwas. The tatwas are in the form of our physical body. The physical body carries out the instructions of maya or shakthi. By understanding and thereafter removing the tatwas one by one, we can ultimately reach the Brahman within. What is his form? He does not have a form. How does he appear? He appears in the form of light. What type of light? Several million times powerful than the Sun. The Brahman who resides within us also resides in every living being. That is why we should not harm other living beings, as this would tantamount to hurting the Brahman himself. Let us commence this exercise right now.