This is part II of kundalini series. The first thing to do in kundalini meditation is to remove negative thoughts. Negative thoughts produce negative energies in our body. Though we may not be able to physically see the energy in our gross body, the sheaths are affected by negative energies. Negative thoughts arise out of anger and hatred. Spicy food, smoking and drinking affect our subtle body by causing damages in the energy level. The next important thing is the strength of the body and its flexibility. When kundalini starts ascending it derives a lot of energy and when it explodes, almost all the energies of the subtle bodies are siphoned off. Unless the physical body is flexible, she experiences difficulties while ascending. This leads to energy blockade and consequent disease. It is therefore important to control our mind as well as the environment.

We have seen earlier that individual consciousness merges with universal consciousness. Universal consciousness is beyond the ordinary range of human experience or understanding. Individual consciousness is a mental act performed entirely within the human mind. Universal consciousness is Paramatma and individual consciousness is jivatma. Jivatma is associated with mind and therefore naturally identified with forms. Paramatma is also called purusha, prakasha and Shiva. Jivatma is called prakrti, vimarsha and Shakthi. Both are formless forms and we have discussed about this earlier. Without prakasha conjoining vimarsha, creation does not take place. Vimarsha is drawing its energy only from prakasha for its activities as vimarsha is the creation of prakasha. In human creation, individual consciousness is derived from universal consciousness. This universal consciousness exists in the house of kundalini. Only mind has got the power and authority to draw from the universal consciousness. The extent of consciousness drawn by the mind from the house of kundalini where universal consciousness is stored is called individual consciousness.

Mind is not in a condition to draw the entire universal consciousness because of maya or illusion. That is why we have taken pains to study about mind and intellect in detail earlier. Universal consciousness or individual consciousness are subtle in nature and cannot be seen. But they can be felt and realised. We can feel and realise this because they are stored in the form of energy. This energy is in the form of light, sound and heat. Irrespective of your practicing meditation, you can always realise the heat in the house of kundalini. This place is warmer than any other part of the body. This energy is called kundalini. Kundalini is always referred as feminine gender as she is the vimarsha form. When we knock at her door with the aid of single pointed concentration to wake her up, she responds with all laziness in the world and walks up to the entrance gate of her house to find out who had woke her up. The house of kundalini is situated in the perineum of the human body. It forms the floor of the pelvic cavity. But she does not cross the gates of her house. She moves up and down between her house and her house gates. The house gate is called coccyx. This is the base of our spinal cord. Let us understand coccyx. This is situated below the sacrum. Coccyx is a small terminal appendix that is located at the distal end of the sacrum. This is covered by thick membranes and serves for the insertion for various muscles of the region. This is formed by four or five atrophic fused vertebrae. This is the starting point of our spinal cord. The perineum is connected to coccyx through various nerves and membranes. Therefore universal consciousness is stored in the perineum area and is called Kundalini.