Now-a-days, we find that many spiritual seekers are complaining that they are not able to get the fructification of the mantras they chant. Why this is so? There are very many reasons. Most of the problems are with the so called “Gurus”. There are well laid procedures while initiating a disciple into various mantras. Secondly, the disciples do not practice in the manner specified. Now let us find out how one can attain siddhi in mantras. The Guru who is going to initiate the mantra should find out whether a particular mantra will fructify for the disciple. The suitability is tested taking into account the first letter in name of the disciple (only in Sanskrit) and the first akshara(letter) of the mantra. As far as mantra is concerned the initial “om” should not be included. The placement of these two letters is checked in “akathaha chakra” a chart consisting of Sanskrit alphabets in 16 blocks. Counting from the first letter of the disciple to the first letter of the mantra, the results can be arrived as Siddha, Sadhya, Susiddha, Ari. Likewise, counting from the first letter of the mantra to the first letter of the disciple be done and the result arrived. The result may be a combination of any two of the above Siddha-Sadhya or Siddha-Susiddha or Siddha-Ari or even Siddha-Siddha. Like this, there will be 16 combinations. Each combination has got its own effect. Let us assume that there is a combination of Sadhya-Ari. If a disciple is initiated with this combination, his entire family will die.

A combination of Susiddha-Susiddha will fructify by mere initiation by the Guru. If this suitability of mantra is not tested and a mantra initiated, any number of times of chanting of the manta will not be of any use to the disciple. There are other types of testing the mantras. However, this method is considered as the best. Even after the above testing, a suitable mantra is not obtained, then Guru can decide to prefix certain bijas(letters) before the mantra. Normally, maya, kama and sri bijas are prefixed. But, the learned Gurus normally infuse a bija called “atma bija” to his disciples. This bija is to be prefixed to all the mantras infused to a disciple. The Guru would have tested this atma bija for all his disciples. If a disciple chants any mantra initiated by his Guru, with his atma bija, the mantra will fructify soon. At the time of initiation of a mantra, Guru will ask his disciple to perform ten samskaras (rituals) to the mantra. These rituals are necessary to infuse life to the mantra. Without these samskaras, the mantra will not fructify. These rituals are: 1.Janana: (giving birth). 2. Dipana (kindling the mantra) 3.Bodhana (awakening) 4.Tadana (striking) 5.Abhiseka (ablution) 6.Vimalikarana (Purification) 7.Jivana (Resuscitation) 8.Tarpana (Propitiation) 9.Gopana (concealment) and 10.Apyayana (infusion of power). Let us look into these details in the next part of this posting. Each mantra, for fructification, is to be recited prescribed number of times. There are rituals called “purascharana” to be done after completing the number of times of japa mentioned for each mantra. All these will be dealt with in the next posting.