In continuation of my earlier post on Mantras, let us now examine in detail the samsakaras (rituals) for the mantras. It is not a complicated process. !.Janana (birth ritual of mantra) There may be several bijas in a mantra. These bijas are to be chosen from a triangle shaped janana chakra. which contains 49 aksharas of Sanskrit alphabets. This yantra is worshiped whenever a Guru initiates his disciple. This yantra is called “matruka akshara bija chakra”. First, the matruka devi is worshiped. From this chakra, one by one all the bijas of a particular mantra is written in a palm leaf or a copper sheet. This process is called janana of a mantra. Once all the letters are written on the palm leaf or copper plate, according to the convenience.

Then apply sandol and kumkum to this leaf. The mantra is born. 2. Dipana (kindling) The mantra thus born as described above will herel be called “moola mantra”. For example, let take Bala mantra “Aim, Kleem, Sow:” This consists of three aksharas 1. Aim, 2. Kleem and 3.Sow: For kindling this mantra, Hamsa mantra should be place before and after this mantra. Hamsa mantra is as follow: Hamsa and soham. For example while kindling Bala mantra, hamsa mantra will be placed like this. “Hamsa Aim Kleem Sow: Soham”. If a mantra has pranava, then pranava should be placed after Hamsa. This way the moola mantra should be chanted 1000 times. 3. Bodhana (awakening) Here, the moola mantra should be recited 5000 times prefixing and suffixing “hroom”. Example “Hroom Aim Klim Sow: Hroom”. 4. Tadana (striking). Here the moola mantra should be placed in between two astra bijas. Astra bija is “phat”. Here “Phat Aim Kleem Sow: Phat” This is be chanted 1000 times. 5. Abhiseka (Ablution). The palm leaf or the copper sheet should be abluted with water, consecrated with the following mantra “Aim, hamsaha, aum” recited 1000 times. Ablution should be performed with ashwatha leaves. 6. Vimalikarana (Purification). The moola mantra should be chanted 1000 times with prefixing and suffixing with the following bijas. “Aum, trom, vashat”. Example “aum trom vashat aim kleem sow: vashat trom aum”. 7. Jivana (Resuscitation).

The mool mantra should be chanted 1000 times with “svadha vashat” in the beginning and the same is reversed at the end. Example Svadha vashat Aim Kleem Sow: vashat svadha”. 8. Tarpana (propitiation) Take water, milk and ghee mixed together. Take the palm leaf or copper sheet in which the moola mantra is written. Take this water etc on your left hand and pour over your right hand with fingers facing the palm leaf, so that water etc falls on the palm leaf. Chant the moola mantra while doing so. 9. Gopana. (Concealment) Chant the moola mantra 1000 times by prefixing and affixing with maya bijam. Example “Hrim Aim Kleem Sow: Hrim”. 10. Apyayana (Infusion of fullness) Chant the moola mantra 1000 times by prefixing and affixing with the bija “hsauh”. Example “Hsaugh Aim Kleem Sow: Hasugh” These are the ten rituals to be performed under the direct guidance of his Guru by a disciple while getting any mantra initiated. In the next posting, we will discuss some more rituals about mantras.