Shri. Aum Ravi has shared this with us. 

We know that Lord Shiva also known as Gangadhara. He held Ganga in his jatajuta. What is the spiritual secret behind this?

We know that at sahasrara, amruta is located. This amruta is “Amritambhonidhi” i.e. amrita sagara. (Sea of Nectar). A risen kundalini reaches sahasrara and bite this nest of nectar, so that amrita will start flowing from sahasrara and flood the 72000 nadis of the sadhaka. This state is Ananda state.  A sadhaka has to put his all-out efforts i.e. do vigorous sadhana to achieve this state. Now coming to the main point, a sadhaka himself is Shiva (aham brahmasmi). Sahasrara is his jatajuta (Shiva jatajuta is symbol of sahasrara). Vigorous Sadhana is Bhagiradha prayatna. Result is flow of Ganga (nectar) from sahasrara. Sapta samudras (seven seas) are nothing but sapta chakras muladhara etc… A sadhaka who achieves this state will be identified himself with Lord Shiva i.e.Gangadhara. The nature of spreading (vyapakatva) of this nectar among various nadi-s of sadhaka is known as Vishnu (sarvantaryami). The activation of kundalini is Sristhi that is Brahma. Absorption of this nectar into various nadi-s of sadhaka is Laya that is Rudra. After this absorption there is only Sea of Nectar (amritambonidhi) nothing else. That means only Ananda state (swaroopa) which is nothing but Parabrahma tattwa. This is the advaita bhava of a sadhaka relating to Sristhi, Sthiti and Laya. A sadhaka who reaches this state there won’t be any difference between He and Trimuthi-s (Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra).