“My dear humans! I have spoken about various subjects. Most of you have been patiently listening to my speech. The human mind is the most powerful instrument in my creation and is potentially very dangerous. Your mind can create both peace and hatred. If you use your mind for peace, you and everyone around you prosper. If you use it for hatred, apart from you everyone around you also perish. Both peace and hatred are powerful tools in your hands. Therefore learn to control your mind. It is ready there for you to use at anytime. It is for you to decide which to use. You could have undergone misery and its associated pains. But let that be past. Do not think about the past. At the same time do not think about the future in store for you. Believe that you have an excellent future and you shall have an excellent future. Believe in all positive things. Think positive always. Help others in times of need. Love everybody. The other person is in no way different from you. I am neither sitting on a golden throne in his atma nor sitting on a brass throne in your atma. I am in everybody’s atma in the same formless form. You may be rich and your neighbour may be poor. That is because of the karmic accounts of both of you. If you have surplus of anything, share with the needy. Feed the old and disabled. Feed the animals. They have taken these births because of their karmas. You have taken this birth to learn from your earlier mistakes. You need not give me anything.

Everything is given to you by me. What I want in reciprocation is Love and Truth. Let these two be your two eyes, your physical eyes. You have no right to cause any physical injury to anybody. The repercussions of such acts will be disastrous for you. If you are genuine, I am ever ready to help you in times of your difficulties. I am there with you in all your thoughts and actions. There is no religion. Do not get divided in the name of religion. You have to work to make a living. Whatever the reward you get for your hard work is good. If you earn by foul means, I will see to that that you never have happiness not only in this birth but also in the births to come. There will be no end to rebirths for such persons. I understand that you call this as corruption. Do not make your living by unholy means. Talk less and meditate more. This will strengthen the bondage between you and me. My doors are wide open to welcome each one of you. With this I conclude. Shakthi will say a few words now” When God finished there was complete silence. There is no sound anywhere. Suddenly there is a melodious voice, unheard in this world. It was softer than a breeze, sweeter than a flute and finer than a veena note. The voice was sweet and flowing. No comparison, not even nightingale. Surprising everybody with the beauty of Her voice She said “My dear humans! You are all extremely blessed to listen to the speech of God. I have decided to give liberation to those who need it. By getting liberated means, you cease to exist with your physical body in this world, which is termed as death by you. Even if you have tons of karmas, all will be nullified. You will have no more births. You will merge with the God. Normally one in a million alone attains liberation, that too with great efforts. But today, liberation is waiting for you. You have to decide. Remember that you cease to exist in this world for ever. Once the press conference is over, those who need liberation should enter the front enclosure in an orderly manner.” The melody stopped. God’s press conference commenced. (To be continued)