God is a concept. God cannot be seen and can only be realized. If someone says that he has seen the God there could be only two possibilities. One is that he has an excellent capacity to concentrate and visualize which results in manifestation of a form on which he was concentrating. Such visualizations are quite possible with a very high level of concentration. But these instances are very rare. Second possibility is that he is lying. There is a difference between an unknown guru or a master and a popular god man. The gurus or masters are self realized persons. They know where God is and the ways and means of realizing Him. Possibly some of them could have even established commune with God. God men are different. They preach spiritualism. They have large followers. They live in comforts. Most of these god men would not have realized God, but they impress you by their oratory skills. Most of them have knowledge to lead you in the path of spirituality, a fact to be accepted. On the contrary, these gurus or masters mostly live in poverty. They do not attach importance to material comforts. Gurus will select their disciples. They do not need a large number of disciples. When they select their disciples, they ensure that the disciples also follow the same rigorous path, which they have been following. They will make you to realise the God my mutual interaction.

God men do not have time to interact with his disciples individually as they are always pre-occupied in some work or other. Followers of god men are mostly from the higher strata of the society. As we have repeatedly discussed in this forum, that spirituality cannot be purchased, but has to be experienced. After all the end of spiritual path is self-realization. For this you need to be guided by someone who has already realised God and will lead you with his own experience. Consider the following. As said in the beginning, God is a concept. When there is a concept there have to be specific instances. These specific instances are your thoughts and actions. Normally, thoughts are root cause for our actions. So, our thoughts have to be pure. Thoughts are said to be pure when you have concerns for others. When you fell for the hungry dog on the street, it shows your concern. Is it enough to feel about the state of the dog? No, certainly not. You have to put into action, your thoughts. You buy some eats for the dog. After eating what you had given to the dog, the dog looks at you with gratitude. When you are able to notice this gratitude in the eyes of the dog, you are on your way to realizing the God. Such actions can vary from person to person depending upon their capacity to spend.

If you have more money, you can spend a small portion of it for the welfare of orphans. On your birthdays and wedding days, donate whatever little you can to recognized orphanages. Still better, you personally serve them. You will know what is love, compassion, concern etc. As far as possible, try to feed the poor. We cannot afford to see anybody with hunger. It is not enough to just donate to such orphanages and you eat a sumptuous lunch elsewhere. Eat with them and spend some time with them. Look at their eyes when you leave. You will know the true value of love. Our eyes always reflect our thoughts. God is not a distance from us. He is within us and around us. The only thing is that you cannot see Him but surely you can realise Him. Realize him through the eyes of others.