Who is Guru? Is he a spiritual teacher or a propagator of religion? Does he have metaphysical powers? Is he different from you? You have to find answers for these questions to define Guru. Guru is a concept by itself. Unfortunately this word is often misused these days. A person born in this world has to pay obeisance to four persons. The first is your mother, followed by your father, your Guru and finally to me. If you do not take care of your parents in their old age with love and affection, you will be adding tons of bad karmas. Therefore, your first Guru is your mother followed by your father and then only Guru. Who is this Guru and what he has to do with your life? Guru is neither a spiritual teacher nor a propagator of religion. I have explicitly made clear that religions are all your own making. Metaphysical powers are a form of maya. As I have already told you, shakthi endows with such powers while leaving you at a place closer to me. Surely Gurus will have such powers, but will not exhibit it. Occasionally, he may help a few with his healing touch. He is sent as my representative to give salvation to those, whose karmic account has come to zero, or near zero.

When you are not destined to have rebirth, Guru will come in search of you. Guru does not mean a person who merely initiates you into a mantra. Mantras will enable you to concentrate. Mantras are a form of shakthi. All mantras will not suit everybody. The person who initiates you into mantra has to satisfy himself that a particular mantra will suit you. If you are initiated into a mantra that does not suit you, both you and initiator will face problems. That is why mantras should be initiated by a person who understands the world of mantras properly. Proper chanting of mantras will give you enough energy. But Guru is the one who guides you into the final stages of liberation. You may have a doubt. If Guru is a liberated person, why he is reborn? They are not reborn on account of their karmas. Rebirth due to karmas is to endure sufferings. Gurus are not reborn to undergo sufferings. Guru is a representative of mine, to guide a select few to show the path leading to my shakthi. He is the person who will take you to my vimarsha form. So, finding a Guru will be difficult for you. I observe that a lot of persons are calling themselves as Gurus. They have huge gathering around them. They are not the Gurus about whom I am discussing here. However, these so called gurus also play an important role in making you to understand God. Most of them are right in their approach in identifying me. But they have ego. A true Guru will never attach importance to money. He will not like any material comforts. He will not speak to somebody over phone making you to sit before him for hours. In short, a true Guru is a representative of mine, to guide you towards self-realization to attain total liberation and will expect nothing in return from you, except your dedication and sincerity.” God will be answering your questions during his press conference. Your questions to God may mailed to ravi@manblunder.com (To be continued)