“Now I would like to tell you about Kundalini. Kundalini is the divine energy and you have to take strenuous efforts to raise it from your base chakra. A lot of pressure is to be applied to the base chakra to raise this kundalini energy. If you loosen the pressure, the raised energy will come down due to the gravitational force of the earth. You have to continue to apply the pressure until the bundle of energy, finding its way up in the centre of spinal cord. When you are able to raise the energy from the base chakra to the next higher chakra, you have to activate your surrounding body parts to retain the energy there and then take it upwards. Kundalini is your inner energy, manifested as powerful divine energy. In fact, the raising of kundalini energy depends upon your power of manifestation. An ordinary person, involved in a family life, cannot even think of kundalini energy. It requires a practice of about 12 years in isolation. For raising the energy from the base chakra to top head chakra and from there bringing it back to the base chakra may take about 60 to 90 minutes, depending upon a person’s stamina. Again, you will reach the stage of Samadhi, when kundalini crosses your third eye. You do not know when you will return from your Samadhi. So, the time taken to get back to the base chakra depends on all these factors. Please refer to the write up on the third eye in manblunder.

What you are trying to do in the name of kundalini and all that is not kundalini at all. You need to have total control on all materialistic pleasures in order to raise the Kundalini. Secondly, without the presence of a proper Guru, Kundalini should not even be discussed. The whole procedure should be practiced only in the presence of a learned Guru. If Kundalini rises, it will leave the base chakra like a bullet from a pistol. The energy with which it raises, will throw your body away. Before the kundalini rises, the pressure of air will clean the passage for kundalini to traverse, removing any blockades. This is the stage you are practicing. In you, only air is raising and not the kundalini energy. The air passing through your spinal canal and reaching your skull will cause extensive damage to your nervous system. All the five natural elements are involved in kundalini practice. The base chakra represents the earth. Kundalini itself represents fire. The air removes all blockades in the path of kundalini. When kundalini crosses the third eye chakra, by its severe pressure on the head, a few drops of nectar like substance will drip into your mouth. These drops represent water. When kundalini crosses the top head chakra, it merges with ether or akash, creating a link between you and the universal energy. You know that universal energy is me, your God. You should not practice kundalini meditation on your own, or with the help of somebody who has not raised his kundalini. If he has raised the kundalini, he will not propagate. He will not teach this to a common man. Therefore, do not think that only kundalini meditation alone will help in self-realization. It is just one of the methods. That is all. (To be continued)