“All of you are created in this universe by my Shakthi. She was created by me to administer the universe which includes creation, sustenance and dissolution. She created trillions of living beings in this universe. You are her highest form of creation. From a tiny organism to your evolution, she took billions of years. At every stage she also created highly evolved souls to give you the right direction for living. At different times she sent Prophet Mohamed, Adhi Shankara, Jesus Christ, Guru Granth Sahib, Gauthama Buddha etc. They taught you the ethical values. They told you in simple words that I, the God, reside in each and every living being of this universe. They also told you that I reside within you as a tiny and highly illuminating dot, called soul. I am in the form of your soul, is just witnessing your activities and not directing you to do this or that act. All your acts are your own. By doing good or bad deeds, your karmic account gets credits or debits. You have been told about this time and again, but none of you understood the concept of God. I would not like to talk to you about Her entire creation. At this time, I would like to talk only about you, humans. You worship me in different forms. That shows your ignorance and utter disregard to the teachings of these highly evolved souls.

My Jesus Christ is no way different from my prophet Mohamed or my Shankara. They never said that they are God. They were the messengers of God. They carried my messages and delivered to you in different forms. Their teachings were written and published in various forms like, the Bible, the holy Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, etc. All their holy writings carry the same message in different forms. But unfortunately, you attributed different forms to me. You started worshipping these forms. If another man did not worship the form liked by you, the external conflict arises between two of you. As time pass, you start hating each other. I am ashamed to use this word “hate”. If you use this word once, your bad karma account is credited several times. Not knowing that you are going to suffer on account of your bad karmas, you start creating trouble to the other person. Few more join you and start hitting and hurting the other person. For some time he keeps quiet. Once he sees you with your accomplices, he also brings in his people. You fight and perish. You call your self a Hindu and other person calls himself a Christian. Like this one more calls themselves as Sikhs and others as Muslims. Who told you to manifest a form for me? Till this moment you never believed in my formless form. Now you are witnessing in person. Are you seeing in any form now? Are you not seeing my self illuminating light? This self illuminating light of mine is several times more powerful than the Sun you are seeing. If you see my original form of light, you will be burnt to death.

My original form is covered by my Shkthi, who reduces the intensity of my light. Your Sun gets light from me. I have been witnessing that you started religions. Who asked you to start a religion? There is no religion for you. You need no religion to express your faith in me. Except thinking about me, you do everything in the name of religion. You are not aware that you need to take many births and suffer on account of such activities. You are also destined to take births as animals, insects, birds, tress, etc. In all your future births you undergo more sufferings. Do you really need this? After all, your entire goal was to understand and merge with me. For such a simple goal why do you want to undergo so much of torture births after births? Instead, if all of you join together and live in a cordial atmosphere, you derive more happiness. When you are happy, your thoughts do not give room for hatred. When there is no hatred, you have my blessings. There is no necessity to go to mountains and forests for penance. Though, penance is a way of seeking my blessings, it is not the only way. By doing penance you alone derive the benefit. Penance is difficult. You have to sacrifice everything you deserve to enjoy as being born as a human. By maintaining peace and harmony, all of you derive several benefits.” To be continued.