“Even today you are scarifying. Most of you are laying down your lives for unwanted and undesirable reasons. When you do not die under natural circumstances, you are adding tons to your bad karmas. As I told you earlier, I am not instigating you or preventing you to perform an act. I am just watching what you are doing. The thought and execution is determined by your karmas. The entire universe is bound by karmas. There is nobody in this universe born without karmas. When you continuously perform good karmas and do not perform bad karmas, here also you have to take birth. This is because you have not renounced the effects of the good karmas in my favour. You wanted to derive the benefits of the good karmas. At this stage, your desire to worldly attachments prevented this. Unless you get rid off your desires, you will continue to have rebirths and associated sufferings. In every birth you have to suffer and only the quantum of suffering differs. Your desire to attain my feet is also in a way an attachment. You simply forget that I am within you. When I am within you, how will you reach me, without looking in to your inner self? This is not as simple as you look at this. That is why you get realised souls one in a billion. After self realisation there is one final stage. I will talk about this later. I am now talking to you in a lucid language, so that you can understand the basics. I have not sent my messengers in the recent past.

I am very sure that you will not listen to that person in your present status of mind. Your mind revolves only around money and power, the two worst devils. Since the situation in the earth is so bad, for the first time ever, I have come in person and addressing you. The situation is so dangerous and if I did not intervene now, all of you will perish, by devastating natural calamities. I do not you to perish now. From million years from now, an advanced version of human being will exist in this universe. It is called evolution. A car manufacturer launches a model today, and after some time he launches a new version with advanced features. Take your case. In the early stages of your birth, you were an embryo. Over a period time, you have attained this shape and size. This is also called evolution. Millions of years from now, your existing shape and size will certainly undergo a huge change. You will not be there with this body to watch these persons. I do not undergo change whereas you are undergoing change every minute. If you loose a minute now, this minute will never be available to you again. In every minute, you create karmas. In your dreams also, you make karmas.

When you have a bad dream, your bad karmas account is credited. I am not responsible for your dreams. Dream is a process of thinking. If you train your mind to think well, you may not dream at all. If you dream, you will have good dreams only. I observe that most of you are becoming restless and impatient. You do not have inclination to listen to the speech of your Creator. If you do not listen to me, to whom you will listen? That is why many of the messengers sent by me could not do their job properly. When you are restless to my speech, I am sure you will not even listen to their speeches. Most of you need intermission, to go out and have coffee or tea and snacks. You are used to this type of breaks. You are not able to continuously concentrate on any thing for a longer duration. If any one in this sea of humanity can come to me and say that he/she can concentrate on one thing for more than a couple of minutes, I assure you that I will send him/her to my Shakthi’s controlling empire (this is called Sri nagaram or Sri chakram), where in she/he will enjoy divine comforts. I am sure none of you will say that. Though this is neither a cinema hall nor a sabha (where music performances take place) I am now giving you a break for 15 minutes.” (To be continued)