Once the God announced an interval, people started rushing out of their seats. The TV and radio channels went for commercial break. The situation was similar to the hell letting loose. Total chaos and confusion prevailed. Some in the audience did not move. Everyone wanted to resume their seats at the earliest. It was ten minutes after the interval. The entire audience was there in their seats in time, for the God to continue. Everyone, including God was surprised by the punctuality of the audience. The God continued with his gracious voice: “The restless mind will wander in worldly things. This is the reason for not listening to me with rapt attention. You are willing to spend huge money for learning meditation. All meditation techniques are the same. Concentration of the mind is the important thing in meditation. Why are you meditating? You meditate to identify yourself with God. But when I am before you sharing my thoughts with you, you do not have patience to listen, grasp and alnalyse. That is why; highly realised souls are not amongst you now a days. They live elsewhere. But they definitely exist in this planet. Even if you happen to meet them, you will never be able to identify them. Only an emancipated person can teach the path of self realisation, and they will not teach anything for money. I was talking to you about karmas.

Every action of yours is being determined by your karmas alone and not by me. Having under stood this, now you have to learn how to get away from karmas. I have already told you that both good and bad karmas play their role. So, if you want to be with me always, you should never accumulate karmas. Is this possible? Yes, it is possible. When you are doing certain activity, you should not get attached in that activity, expecting something beneficial in return for yourself. In simpler words, you should sacrifice the result of the activity to me. This attitude may not be possible for most of you here. Unless you develop this attitude, you cannot escape from rebirths. What is the relevance between rebirths and karmas? What happens to your soul, when you die? These are the things you must know. I find that various people give different interpretations. Let me explain this to you. The karmas are attached to your soul. Soul is called ‘jiva’. This jiva is different from atma. Please do not confuse between these two. Jiva is affected by your karmas and your atma will never be affected by anything, leave alone karma. I am the atma of everybody. I am, as atma simply watching your activities only as a witness. I do not get involved in your activities, nor am I interested. This I have already explained. Your mind, intellect and ego act one after another and create your karmas.

The karmas thus created, are embedded to your soul. There is a separate place earmarked for karmas in your soul. At the time of your death, your soul or jiva leaves your physical body. Soul or jiva gives life to a physical body. Without soul, no life in this universe is possible. At the time of death, the soul leaves the body with a great force. Some people call this soul or jiva as ‘prana’. Prana means life giving. The soul after leaving your body either roams in the ether for a particular time or immediately enters a cell of a living being that causes fertilization. This fertilization leads to the formation of another life for the soul. What type of life will it take? A plant, an insect, a worm, a bee, a bird, an animal or a human, the form depends on the karmas accumulated in the soul. If the birth is in the form of a human being, whether he/she is going to suffer or enjoy depends upon the karmas embedded in the soul.” (To be continued)