“So for, I have explained to you about karmas. I have also discussed about the difference between jiva, and atma. The next topic I am going to discuss is about delusion. What is delusion? It is called mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea. It is also called maya. My original form is covered by a veil or sheath by maya. Who is this Maya? She is my only creation and she is my shakthi or power. Maya makes you to identify yourself as different from me. Unless maya intentionally removes the veil around me to enable you to understand me well, you cannot even think of attaining oneness with me. How she will get the intent to show my real form to you? When she removes the sheath around me, will all of you be able to see me? Without her help can any one see me? How she can be persuaded to show my form? These are the questions that require explicit answers to understand the concept of maya. I understand that maya has been dealt with elaborately in the earlier postings in this blog. Still, I would like to explain some important aspects of this maya. I am the God. I have no attributes, qualities, shape, form etc. I do not require the help of panchabhudas (earth, water, air, fire and ether) for my existence. I do not have a second to compete. The competition will arise only if there is more than one. I am the Brahman. I am the paramatma. You are an individual atma and I am the universal atma. There is no difference between these two, except that you were created by my shakthi. I, the paramatma was not created by anybody. I am devoid of any activity, except that I have created my shakthi or maya. She takes care of the entire universe. She is comparatively accessible by you. She loves all of you as her children. She does not have discrimination. She acts through the various tatwas, which have already been dealt with in this blog. If you miss out the earlier postings in this blog, you may not be able to understand my speech. Certainly, you cannot expect me to discuss everything from the beginning.

So, shakthi as my creation unfolds the curtains of this cosmic drama. When she unfolds the curtains, you totally get attached to the various scenes enacted in this cosmic drama and become a part of the drama. You also become an actor. Once you become an actor, you forget your real self. You become the character itself. You become a prisoner of your mind. To understand my real form, you need to practice nothing except to remove the veil around me. When this is possible? Unless, you unite your mind with shakthi, this is not possible. How do you unite your mind with shakthi? This happens when you cease to view the world, different from your own “I” consciousness. How this can happen? Only by controlling your mind intellect and ego and by total awareness this can happen. When you have complete control on your awareness, you win over senses. When you win over your senses, shakthi paves the way for you to reach a point near me. At this time you win over the maya or delusion. From the point where your divine mother has left you, you have to make your own efforts to move towards me. When shakthi leaves you at that point, she does not simply drop you there. She bestows extraordinary super human powers on you. (To be continued)